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pit ai fix

  1. kevink63

    Autodromo Victor Borrat Fabini El Pinar AI sideines/Pit fix+RainFX 2021-07-25

    AI fixes to get track working properly in single player. Sidelines have been readjusted and new pit lanes created. Unfortunately, the way the pit grid positions are, it forces cars to run over the pit crew, which looks funny, but it is what it is. Rain FX added with detailed stream effects...
  2. kevink63

    AI sidelines, pit fix, and hint for Autodromo de Tocancipa v2.0

    The fast lane seemed very good, but pit lane was broken. So a new pit lane was created, and I cleaned up the sidelines and added a hint to help with crashing. Very nice track, in my opinion! Original track link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/aut%C3%B3dromo-de-tocancip%C3%A1.41397/...
  3. kevink63

    Pit fix and Rain FX for Autodrom Most v 2.1 by tmm v1.0

    New pit lane ai fix for tmm_autodrom_most v2.1, by Trained Monkey Modding. While I was there I decided to do a rain fx config, which was added to the extension file. I included the original ext_config for back up purposes. As always, back up your files, in case you have a problem or don't like...
  4. Ofitus21

    Zolder Pit Lane Fix V1.0

    This file fixes an issue I found at Zolder Circuit. Cars would disappear just before entering the pit lane, and suddenly appear on the pits. Now cars will enter the pits as expected, and won't disappear during a race Installation: 1: Extract the content of this file in...
  5. Mascot

    New track limits, pitlanes, ideal lines, outlines & maps for Bahrain 2020 15.02.2020

    New track limits, pitlanes, ideal lines, outlines & maps by LiquidSkyMan for Bahrain 2020. The unzipped folder also contains a text file with a link to the track, in case you don't already have it. Other stuff here...
  6. K

    Veh File Generator, with Microsoft Excel 1.00

    This Microsoft Excel VBA macro utility was constructed, as a way to partially addressing the challenge brought up in the following thread (link). The thread deals with trying to hold a single player race, when there’s not enough unique skins/veh files with different numbers, to hold a high grid...
  7. TripleFlashbang

    AI pit lane fix for the track Eight Racing 1.1

    The original pit line confused some AI cars and made them crash and stall in front of the pit exit , so I fixed the pit line a little bit. Fix 1.1 Fixed cars slowing down at pit exit on the transition from AI pit line to race line, more fluid now. Extract zip into...