1. DMAN

    Android Auto For Navi Phone- Born Again Pack 1.02

    Mobile Navigator mod; get here - Mobile Navigator by Andisale Replace the base navi phone script with this new version. -works with every phone in car- For the additional cars Mazda Rx7 drift SA Rx7 AE86 drift AE86 tuned simply replace the ext_config with the new version Like, Comment...
  2. acidelic

    TWF Dash Universal Ecosystem - iRacing, AMS2, ACC, AC, RF2 and more V2.2.3

    LATEST FIXES For beta releases and quicker fixes, please download the latest releases from GitHub. Only the main releases will be published here. Make sure you update the JS and JSON files with the latest versions. Check the readme file for more info. To download...
  3. dumbrellas

    ATS - Simple Customizable Dashboard for SimHub 1.0

    This is a simple dashboard for SimHub with some customization options. I needed something not crazy fancy, and a lot of the options on here were fairly lackluster. I'm still learning the ins and outs of SimHub, and what it is capable of, but I think this is a good start. Features: - 4 different...
  4. A

    Do you use a sim racing dash display?

    Hey guys, Was wondering if I could get your take on sim racing dash displays? Interested to know your thoughts and please check out my poll and the questions here: Q, Do you think sim dash displays are still relevant if you use VR? Q. How do you mount yours if you use one? Q. What size sim...
  5. wolf_vx

    [PLUGIN]MobilePhone Reloaded 2.0.7

    Description ========= This is a re-upload of the MobilePhone mod updated to the latest version. All credit should go to the original developer. If original developer wants I will delete this upload. Until then I will take over the development for him. Its a shame to see good mods die. *...