1. dadebolo

    AC Penalty Tool V. 2.03

    Innovative and complete tool (server plugin + client app) to manage all penalties for all online events only from the server side (no file distribution needed). System features: centralized system the app code and all penalty/race settings are saved on the server (managed only from the...
  2. dadebolo

    New tool AC Penalty

    Hello together, still in progress but the first version is ready and works! Why the tool? Mainly because all other apps muss be installed in AC but the server (or the admins) have no control if the drivers have the right version of the app or if they have other settings (only after the event...
  3. Luciano Santos Filho

    Corner cutting Corner

    Hi all, Is there a way to change how many warnings we get for corner cutting before getting a stop and go penalty? Planning some offline endurance and the default value seems too rigorous for that. Thanks in advance.
  4. Captain Condescending

    AC Corner Cutting Analysis Tool

    Hey everyone! So with the recent push in the Club races to stamp out corner cutting, I was trying to think of an effective way of enforcing it. In the absence of any proper reliable flag and penalty system in AC (that I'm aware of), it seems looking back post race is the best way. I'm not a...
  5. Isaac Chavira


    To the trolls, Don't come in here and down vote my work with 1 or 2 stars just because you dont like it and have no intent of using it. And especially if its your first post ever in the forums and you have no ability or talent to do what we content creators can do. These are complete...
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