pedal problems

  1. S

    Help please T3PA-PRO pedals problem

    Hi can somebody help with an issue I have with automobilila 2. I have new pedals T3PA-PRO. I have an issue with the pedals which means I cannot calibrate them. Hope someone can help. Thanks
  2. 2zqa

    Getting shocked by g29 pedals, what do?

    Hello all, It's been a while since I used the racedepartment website (or any real forum in general) but it's nice to be here again. I'm a casual g29/acc simracer with ambition to slowly get better over time. However when was racing last time I noticed I was getting a shock when I touched my...
  3. toastz124

    Pedal issue

    Hello, I've had my Thrustmaster Tmx for about a month now and my pedal has broken already. I think it's a broken throttle spring since the brake still works fine and the throttle still registers but it doesn't stay upright, I would love if I can get some help from you.
  4. M

    Aftermarket pedals

    Hi... I got a Logitech G29, there's the possibility to substitute the original pedals with a new aftermarket item? Unfortunately, I'm interested in that because the original ones stopped working, and I don't want to talk now of the exact nature of my problem. ps: we're under quarantine, so the...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    WRC8 WRC 8 The Game

    Kylotonn Racing Games have confirmed this September will see the release of the next officially licensed World Rally Championship video game - WRC 8. Imaginatively titled as always, the eighth instalment to the steadily improving WRC franchise of games is set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation...
  6. daro1215

    Logitech g29 pedals cable problem

    Hello everyone! Yesterday I found out that something is wrong with my g29 pedals. If I move a cable that comes from pedals sometimes happens that logitech profiler or just games detects like the gas/clutch/brake pedals are pressed, although it actually is not pressed. But sometimes when I move a...