1. unseenhalloween

    Tracks Blyton park

    ive been looking online for a mod on AC for the track, Blyton Park. But can only find videos of it on YT, just wondered if anyone had a link or the track?
  2. pclipse

    Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga) 2023 1.0

    NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE CSP (CUSTOM SHADER'S PATCH) FOR THIS TRACK TO RUN. Hello all, This is a completely revamped version of "sxehxcnate" version of TMP which was never updated. But thank you kind sir for at least getting me a base to work off of. Features for now: - Completely...
  3. FFF789

    Carolina Motorsports Park TV Cameras 1.0

    Here are the sets of TV cams for GutBomb's Carolina Motorsports Park track in Kershaw, SC (gb_carolina_motorsports_park) as the track didn't have any. The track is fantastic to drive! :) Not to be confused with the other track and mod 'South Carolina Motorsports Park'. I made one TV camera set...
  4. B

    Luddenham Raceway 1.2

    So I finally took the time to finish off my local track for Assetto Corsa, this has been a background project since just after the track opened and I finally put in the final push to get it to a state I was happy with to release it! (although I still have a list of things I would like to fix or...
  5. Dkn001

    CAMTOOL Replay for RT Oulton Park 1.0

    More info in video description.
  6. NewYuriCity

    Jurassic JP10 1.0

    Well if we're gonna have T-Rex's running around, we might as well have a way to look good running away from them... Fun little JP10 skin for the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon that's been around forever. It's not perfect, I probably won't update it, but if you like 90s movies with dinosaurs you'll...
  7. F

    Anubi's Playground 1.0

  8. CrazTheKing

    SkatePark 0.1

    While attempting a sample skatepark for SkaterXL, I decided to import the track to Assetto Corsa. Some ugly UV's and Polys, but still good fun. Drive around an indoor Skatepark as a RC Car. Vehicles act differently per basis. Some better than others. Backup link
  9. F

    Street Park 1.0

  10. F

    Lighthouse Drift Park 1.0

    For the traffic to work you need the csp traffic planner
  11. F

    Tower Park 1.0

  12. F

    Industrial Drift Park 1.0

  13. F

    Dragon's Park 1

    Drift park located in an ancient temple in japan
  14. F

    Rocky Hills Drift Park 1.1

  15. T

    FN Forest Park 1.1

    Drift circuit in a forest
  16. Mascot

    Alternative Billboards for Magnificent Park 21.12.21

    Alternative billboards for Shi's port of Magnificent Park from rF/rF2. Place the 'skins' folder in your Magnificent Park track folder. Track link:
  17. AKF_FPV

    Birmingham Learn2Drift traning ground 2021 layout V3

    I was always wanting this in AC and finally learned how to make it so here it is. Forgive me that it is not best quality also its slightly bigger than irl but its still lots of fun :D Unfortunately this place might go down soon :( track layout from 2021
  18. Mascot

    Billboard skin for Rainmaker's Pukekohe Park 2013 02.04.2020

    * If you like any of my resources and feel like contributing, please make a small donation to Cancer Research or your local charity of choice. Thanks! * Nice little track this but the billboards have occasional weird scaling, stretching and placement in a few places. Can't do much about that...
  19. Furinkazen

    Oulton Park 90s from RF2 by FRM Team. 1.0

    The first FRM release of 2019 is here, a conversion of Oulton Park 2015 from RF2 then given a period 1990s aesthetic perfect for any kind of racing! AIW supports 51 cars across 4 layouts - Fosters, Island, International, and the older International layout without the Chicane at Knickerbrook...
  20. nericksenna84

    WIP: 1984 Dallas F1 GP Street Track by Nericksenna

    Hi all, Just for info, I've gotten back into my track modelling, some might know that I did a Dallas track for F1C, but this was my first track I'd ever done, and I knew little to nothing in modding back at the time. I decided to redo this track, and if I get it better this time, I might try...