1. j_merrin.53

    F1 23 Season Mod by Formula Modding Team | Modular Mods Required v1.05

    Welcome to F1 in 2023! This mod aims to replicate the real life 2023 Formula 1 Season as best as possible with the liveries, teams and drivers! We will not help you if you ask for support on a pirated version of F1 22, as we do not condone downloading games illegally. PLEASE READ THE 'READ...
  2. Dayz_me_rollin82

    Satsuma Sound Overhaul 1.25

    Replaces Satsuma engine sounds with other sfx already ingame. Featuring different exhaust sounds with race exhaust system. Also with valvetrain noise that gets louder as rockershaft condition deteriorates. That's about it.
  3. Ben-Rogue

    DiRT Visual Overhaul Mod

    MOD AVAILABLE! Download from my public Google Drive: Ben-Rogues DiRT Mods v1.09 I've included a Read Me with the install instructions Updates: Draw Distance: v1.01: -Fixed Fog bug (also improves FPS on low-end GPUs) v1.02: -Fixed Bark River stage not loading -Fixed various objects and grass...
  4. stonehedge24

    F2004 + MP4-20 Complete Overhaul Mod Final

    This Mod replaces the F2002 classic car with the MP4-20 on the F2004 chassis and enhances the F2004 classic car. It overhauls the hole car from the handling to the livery. It is compatible to the Realistic 2018 Season Mod and also indended to be used with that mod (maching UI files). This mod...
  5. clos2727

    Thrustmaster t500 wheel button overhaul.

    Good day all. Since moving up to pc, I have decided to overhaul the Oem wheel on my t500. My plan is to take the whole wheel apart ( not the base) and make a whole new back plate for new buttons as wheel as a digital display with 4 extra button and led lights for rpm. After a few weeks of 3d...