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  1. Javliar

    Engineer Screen by Javliar 1.2

    Hi Guys! !!Dash for F1 2021 is here!! Click the URL to see it :) All informations about my creations are here: https://discord.gg/RxxXHR2PS5 Today, I have something new for you all. A screen designed for Engineers (but for lonely drivers as well). Before I describe what is all about, I put...
  2. XG-PRO

    SPOON skin for Subaru Impreza 1995 1.0

    1. Credit Made by XG-PRO and SooIcedOut Do NOT redistribute any of the textures without permission or proper credits. 2. Info Hello, we just made a skin for the Subaru Impreza 1995 car in Dirt Rally 2.0, featuring an original design! The skin can be installed either on the first or the second...
  3. helomyname

    the original | 1988 Safari Rally 2021-03-07

    the original 1988 Safari Rally | Nissan Silvia 200SX (S12) Nissan Motorsports International I did my best to recreate the livery as faithfully as I can :) Please do not re-host this without my permission! Feel free to rate if you enjoy.
  4. H

    Falken Hot Wheels AE86 - The Original v01

    Based on the 2021 mainline model production by Hot Wheels. Hope you guys like it, all feedback is welcome!! Good 2021 to all!
  5. Whalenap

    Team Repsol Japan GTR '19 1.0

    This skin is inspired by the liveries of Honda Repsol moto GP team. I hope you will enjoy this one, it has been pretty difficult to finally get an acceptable result. The GTR has lots of little parts that are not so easy to locate, and I wanted it to be as balanced as possible. Dealing with...
  6. Teddie

    TED Subic International Raceway v0.95

    Subic International Raceway v0.95 (11-07-2020) ========================================= This track is an original creation by Teddie Tapawan and is based on the real-life SIR race track in the Philippines. Additional Credits and Thanks: * Shared X-Packs by Tyrone and Gutbomb * Grass textures...
  7. Teddie

    TED Carmona Racing Track v0.93

    Carmona Racing Track v0.93 (10-30-2020) ==================================== Carmona Racing Track is a permanent karting and motorbike circuit outside Metro Manila in Carmona, Cavite, Philippines. This track is an original creation by Teddie Tapawan and is based on the real-life CRT race track...
  8. Teddie

    TED Batangas Racing Circuit v0.95

    Batangas Racing Circuit v0.95 (11-01-2020) UPDATE ========================================== * Fixed incorrect pitlane object naming * Fixed incorrect surfaces.ini item * Camera quantity and cameras.ini fix by alfa_r4 Batangas Racing Circuit v0.90 (10-16-2020)...
  9. Teddie

    TED Little Baja - Baja County Municipal Raceway v0.98

    Little Baja - Baja County Municipal Raceway v0.98 UPDATE (10-11-2020) ============================================================= * Added AI for long layout by LiquidSkyMan * Fixed trees using incorrect shader which was causing them to be over-bright with sun behind Little Baja - Baja County...
  10. Teddie

    TED Clark International Speedway v0.99b

    DELETE YOUR OLD VERSION COMPLETELY BEFORE INSTALLING UPDATE! Clark International Speedway v0.99b UPDATE (10-16-2020) ============================================================ Version History: Clark International Speedway v0.99b UPDATE (10-16-2020)...
  11. Teddie

    TED Tarlac Circuit Hill v1.2

    Tarlac Circuit Hill v1.2 UPDATE (10-15-2020) ===================================== * Fix trees using incorrect shaders, causing them to be over-bright with sun behind * Make the Greener Grass skin have even much more grass and green, much less dirt * Added paintlines on track for start/finish *...
  12. Nowyy

    [Fictional] Breguet - LM Competition 1.0

    This is a port from my AC livery that you can find here : https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/fictional-breguet-lm-competition.33915/ AC version was made for IMSA championship so I tweaked it a bit so that it fit GT World Challenge regulation. Also updated it a bit. Hope you will enjoy...
  13. abrimaal

    GTR2 tracks for Race07 0

    GTR2 original game and addon tracks converted to Race 07 without modifications. This set contains: Anderstorp 2003 (GP + short) Blackstone GP Brno 2003 Charade 2006 Estoril 2003 Goodweek Imola 2004 Oschersleben 2004 (GP + B-Course) Valencia 2004 (GP + National + Long) Original track authors...
  14. marty2610

    Car Previews 2018-06-28

    Extract and then copy/replace into the cars folder of Assetto Corsa. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\assettocorsa\content\cars :)
  15. Luis Silva Br

    Grand Valley Speedway 0.66

    Here is an upload from a Gran Turismo track to Assetto Corsa. It is, actually, converted from a mod to rFactor, so its not perfect, but is already something. I dont know if I really can upload this because of the legal issues, but i tried to be in contact with the owner, but no success. So, here...
  16. AsierGil

    Better Original Kunos Preview 0.2

    Kunos Preview Better Original Kunos Preview
  17. Tokki43

    Tokki Land - Circuit Pla 0.6

    This track is fictional, created by me, Tokki43. Is a grand prix track, with 20 pits by the moment, the lap is around 2:00.000 and have some high speed linked curves, have a pair of slow speed or jump chicannes, and not linear brake zones Things to improve: -CAMERAS! (HELP! i don't know any to...
  18. Patrik Sander

    Mazda 787B Liverypack 2017-03-22

  19. ltcars

    Track ui changed 1.11

    A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL FOR 1000 DOWNLOADS!:inlove: I originally got the idea from Rogeroo who created two parts of track logos wich you can find here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/track-logos.5334/ So I made a "third" part not including the logos from Rogeroo. In here you can find...