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original logo

  1. PunishedArmsDealer

    Project Cars 2 PunishedArmsDealer Livery Bad Posture Racing Bentley GT3 1

    This is the livery I made and ran for Ground Zero Racing The livery features myself as a character. Here in the rear view you can see me being punched down upon by a bloke wearing a Sparco red racing glove while I play on a controller like the scrub I am. This is the side profile where I...
  2. Marcness1313

    Esky v1 (Group 2) - Team Esky #68 1.0

    I decided to make another livery for the Esky v1 to be sure to feature the custom Esky logo I made in the style of the iconic Ford logo. There was an issue with centering the hubcaps on the wheels, but I don't really care at this point. So tedious. :p Anyway, the car features multicolored...