1. Jordan Cruz

    Affinity Circuit 2.0

    Affinity Circuit - Medford, OR by: J Cruz The track replicates the 2021 season with track modifications from early 2022 (will continue to update the track as they do irl) =============================================== PAY ATTENTION: DO NOT COPY THIS TRACK TO ANY OTHER WEBSITE, BEFORE ASKING ME...
  2. Atrupelador

    (My 150th camtool) Camtool for Oregon Raceway Park 1.0

    Thanks for all the people who are following my work and helping me creating the cams! Creating cams is pure passion for me since a young age. I hope you enjoy many more to come! As always more infos on the video description: If you have any suggestion for tracks that need camtool cameras...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    ATS Oregon Map Expansion Now Live

    American Truck Simulator has gotten a whole lot bigger today, the Oregon map expansion DLC for the addictive title is now available to buy! SCS Software have crafted themselves something of a reputation for tireless work and high quality content in recent years, the plucky developers of...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    More American Truck Sim Oregon Previews

    Work is well underway with the new American Truck Simulator map expansion - time for some more Oregon previews! Focussing on natural beauty, something that I understanding is plentiful in the state of Oregon, these latest set of preview images for the upcoming American Truck Simulator are a...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    New American Truck Simulator Oregon DLC Previews

    Following the release of New Mexico SCS Software have been at it again, showing previews from the work in progress Oregon expansion for American Truck Simulator. Work never seems to be over for the boys and girls of SCS Software following the recent New Mexico DLC expansion pack, and as...