1. Peugeot905

    Super Formula Dallara SF14 0.9

    Dallara SF14 updated for Assetto Corsa changes to aero.ini and engine.ini slight decrease in drag and slight increase in downforce. Updated U.I. folder and JSON file Updated Sound (Default setup car has long gearing and high wing setting's) '
  2. Josh Martin

    Sell Thrustmaster TSPC Openwheel *RIM ONLY* £100

    No more available.
  3. Amir Vodokotlic

    FORMULA RSS2000 Ferrari 03/04 (Schumacher/Rubens) 1.0

    Ferrari F2000 skin for the awesome RSS F2000 Mod. Schumacher and Barrichello included. update 1.0 includes 5 driver helmets. driver suit gloves crew etc