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online championship

  1. The_Stig05

    F1 2021 by Stig Modding [AMS] 1.2

    This mod is perfect for online championships. An unique model (but very customizable) made by us for the F1 2021 regulations, physics are made to be in a simulating level, and the damages are set up to be played at 100%. Important to check out the read me file in order to understand AMS...
  2. G

    GT Sport Is it worth to pay a monthly fee for the multiplayer function of GT Sport or you are better off with Assetto Corsa?

    I think the question has more than one answer. If you are looking for a solid multiplayer experience ex. at any time of the day lot of players online, a good system for the online championship then the answer is yes, but if you are looking for clean races, then you are better of if you will look...