1. F

    Tower Park 1.0

  2. MEDIIZA Designs

    Bastos - Fina Racing Team V.1

    Made this one for a friend as a league skin so idk if you like it... But yea looks cool i guess :) I also made a driver :) On track Hope you like! As always make sure to follow me so you dont miss something! See ya!
  3. GamerDream124

    Totally Crashed Satsuma Save Game 1.1 Stable

    Now This is My Save. Not Anybody's Save. Badly Crashed with 0% parts. All Things in the land fill. And Yes don't delete meshsave.(all fun will be ruined)
  4. Zirlidofoika

    Save with the small(gt) Turbo 1.5

    For great work you need this mods: DonnerTech Racing Turbocharger: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/donnertechracing-satsuma-turbocharger.31021/ Clearance tool: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/plugin-clearance-tool.14835/
  5. Solemito

    Augusta International Raceway 2.5

    VERSION 2.5 Notes: - HotLap Fixed - 5 Second Lap Fixed - Scenario updated - Better road texture - Fixed Extra Bright Feel free to contact me Credits: Solemar Bottcher E-mail for Contact: gpsgameplays@gmail.com
  6. Warum die Formel 1 beinahe OVAL gefahren wäre | #Storytime

    Warum die Formel 1 beinahe OVAL gefahren wäre | #Storytime

    Beinahe hätte der F1 Zirkus Anfang der 2000er Jahre seine Zelte auf einer Oval Strecke in Deutschland aufgeschlagen. Warum es nicht dazu kam, erfahrt ihr im heutigen Video.
  7. M

    Mazda Miata old skin 0.9

    The Miata is a great little car to drive around in, but the stock skin is just a bit too clean and perfect -- what you really want is a $1000 Craigslist special, with all of its added character and imperfections. That is what this skin provides. Cracked, fading clear coat? Check. Faded plastic...
  8. cangrejin

    The Old School racing simulator: "the Revenge-the counter attack" (f1c,gtr2,rbr)

    Sorry for my bad English (GOOGLE TRANSLATOR) PART 1 ? Follow me to see MY sad story .... SHORT STORY: imagine: they live the big city (noise, smoke, technology, and distractions). Due to a SERIOUS problem you have a week off to rest. A girl who WANTED TO be your friend for a LONG TIME, and to...
  9. RealAKP

    Tor Kielce 0.4.1

    The oldest permanent circuit in Poland (opened in 1977, just a few months before Tor Poznań) placed 10 km northwest of Kielce and it's definitely one of the most interesting ones too. Dubbed a 'Polish Nurburgring' it features a section through forest with plenty of elevation changes, it does...
  10. romainrob

    The Junk Dash - SimHub 1.0.3

    Hi! I found this at the scrapyard. Sorry I didn’t have time to clean it. This dashboard should work with most SimHub compatible games. At least for the main functions. The dash has a day mode and a night mode: Use the next or previous screen button to cycle between the day and night...
  11. Instevs36

    Le Grand Circut 1967 - Le Mans Textures Pack v1.0 2018-12-24

    Hello, I present you my last creation a Pack of textures for this very good circuit Originally from RFactor 2 By Woochoo https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/le-grand-circuit-1967-in-association-with-vlm.53616/page-33 And Converted to Assetto Corsa By Terra21 Link the circuit...
  12. Thunderstrucker

    Formula Hybrid 2018 | Jordan Skinpack 1.0

    Hello and welcome to my newest skin! What if Jordan F1 existed nowadays? I had this idea going in my head for a while, so I decided to put it into practice by creating these skins! Jordan was my favourite F1 team in the early 2000s because of their Rock'n'Roll attitude and their amazing yellow...
  13. Serafin

    Old Polish Licence Plates Pack V0.2

    Hello, I'm made old Polish Licence Plate Pack :) To install this mod you need ,,Unity Assets Explorer".
  14. Popsu

    Tor Wyrazów 1.0

    Tor Wyrazów is a small kart track located in Poland, that was used in 2000's mostly by drifters. The track is now closed. I used some textures from Tor Poznań track mod. Check it out. Awesome work, great mod. I am not working on this track right now and i don't want it to go to waste, that's...