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  1. A

    All Offline Game Modes for Ebisu Circuit - Touge 2019-12-03

    The small but demanding "Ebisu Circuit - Touge" arrived incomplete as the AI had only the spawning points in the pits and the track cams did not track the action due to the fast_lane been half-ready. Adding this to the track fixes the deficiencies and can provide 41 AI cars fast moving traffic...
  2. Ghiaman1334

    Endurance time of day speed?

    Hi there, So I'm arranging my own offline endurance and GT leagues. For these leagues I want to include endurance races. 6, 12, 24 hour stuff. Obviously, though, I don't want to actually sit with my laptop for 24 hours driving. My question, then, is how high do I set the time multiplier if I...
  3. A

    2-way traffic for "Okutama Grand Circuit" 2019-09-27

    One more fast and wide public road layout. Now busier with traffic in both directions using Trackday / Weekend. Mostly by the book, keeping left, but overtaking is possible (and probable). Installation: extract all from "2-way traffic for Okutama Grand Circuit.7z" into your...
  4. A

    Water animation, lighting config and Traffic Layouts for "Project Touge" 0.2

    This japanese beauty needs some company so I spent time making a loop on which chosen AI`s can race you in Trackday. The new (Nov 3, 2019): updated AI line, two layouts for starting at Observatory or Garden, working pit lanes, ocean and lake animated water, config for lighting and wet...
  5. Billy Pilgrim

    Good AI combinations for balanced offline racing?

    I like offline racing against different car models that are as fast as each other.I have a few I can share (these are cars that seem to be as good as each other): Audi R8 plus + Mercedes SLS AMG + Porsche 911 Carrera S Ferrari P330 + Ford GT40 + Porsche 908 + Jag XJ-13 (the 908 may be a little...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    PC2 Project CARS 2 Developer Livestream - Career Mode

    The latest 'Developer Livestream' for Project CARS 2 is out, looking in-depth at the career mode from the upcoming new racing game. Now publishing the fourth live stream video on the run up to game release later this month, Project CARS 2 Game Director Stephen Viljoen once again takes viewers...