oculus rift s

  1. evaristorivi

    AC - Disable Shadows Patcher fixed with new update AC 1.16.4 (v4) 13

    This is just an unofficial update of the best mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ac-disable-shadows-patcher.17067/ to keep it running with the new version of AC. --- I see it very well in VR, I have the files modified like this...
  2. Assetto Corsa VR | Scuderia Ferrari at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi several laps

    Assetto Corsa VR | Scuderia Ferrari at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi several laps

    Driven in Assetto Corsa simulation the Scuderia Ferrari SF90H challenger for the F1 2019 season at the just now downloaded Yas Marina circuit, driven with Oc...
  3. motopreserve

    VR just went batsh*t

    hey folks. Been having some issues with AC and VR using the Oculus Rift S. Jumped into an offline race today and when the lights went out....no smoke. But approximately 20 meters down the road, all cars on the grid started throwing smoke like a 5-alarm fire. And they didn’t stop. At all. I...
  4. numbersevenhull

    Oculus Rift S - First Impressions

    Posted this on iracing but might as well copy and post it here if it helps anyone, or anyone would wish to add re their experience or other sims. Really great upgrade, I wouldn't want to go back to the rift OG. Seeing things I never saw in my CV1. Stopped on the track to check the distance you...
  5. TomSpeed

    Nice AC footage 'through the lens' of the new Oculus Rift S, compared with old Rift and HTC Vive.

    Move or delete if innapropriate, cheers! Assetto Corsa footage from 4:07 Looks like a worthy improvement. I never realized how bad the screen door/mesh was on my Vive I had last year. Runs at 80hz/FPS instead of 90 to keep same PC requirements which should be just fine for sim racing. Only...