1. E

    NRacing - NASCAR Racing 2003 Cup Series Version 1.1 March 2022

    My first project started at 2012 to rFactor as like an attempt to recriate the iconic physics from NASCAR Racing 2003. But, with some delay, this project was converted to AMS. Without time to test all tracks, setups and tire/fuel consumpt, I decided to post this MOD for community and AMS users...
  2. Fabian Balle

    Will NR2003 Mods come to RD ?

    With NR2003 beeing probably the best ever Nascar game on PC it would be great to have a section for the 1000+ mods/tracks/physics and paint schemes hereon RD. It also could make the game a bit more active when many Nascar fans see NR2003 here on this site.