1. MaxStdtDesigns

    Ford Mustang GT3 Skinpack 2 (Fictional) | ROLEX24 - GTWC - SPA24H - NBR24H - NLS| LP FGT GT3 1.0

    Second skinpack for the LP FGT GT3 Ford Mustang GT3. This time some more variety in terms of Racng series. #22 - Alpha Tauri Ford - GTWC #59 - 6Speed Racing - NBR 24H #67 - Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing - Rolex 24H #333 - Red Bull Racing Ford - Spa24H #987 - Stüber Motorsport -...
  2. A

    Black Falcon Team Bilstein M4 GT3 1

    The Bilstein Livery of Black Falcon's 330i used in the NLS Upon Request, now on the M4 GT3 The M2 Version can be found HERE The M4 GT4 Version can be found HERE
  3. AlexLiveryHouse

    URD Rekus RC-F Real versions Pack 1.0

    It has been a while and welcome back! Today i may present you the real version skins for the URD Rekus RC-F that came out today ! Get it now in the URD Shop: This Pack includes 3 Skins: The GTWC #23 Tech1 Racing The NLS #37...
  4. NoAim187

    Team Westinghouse Pack N24h/NLS/SRO 1.1

    Team Westinghouse N24h/ NLS/ SRO Assetto Corsa Version of the acc Skin from inept The skin was created with the consent and help of inept The Skin has 3 Versions (SRO/ N24h/ NLS)with 3 cars each version in the correct configuration. Nordschleife 24h - 41, 42, 43 NLS - 40, 41, 42 SRO -...
  5. Matthew327

    NLS Black Falcon Bilstein BMW #150 - Jimmy Broadbent, Steve Alvarez Brown, Misha Charoudin 1.1 - data.acd fix

    Jimmy Broadbent, Steve Alvarez Brown (aka Super GT) and Misha Charoudin are competing in the remaining NLS rounds of 2023 in a Black-Falcon-prepared BMW run by Bilstein. This is a recreation of said livery on the only BMW G20 330i mod I could find for Assetto Corsa, made by fazani...
  6. SimLiveryDesigns

    AC URD Darche 992 GT3 IronForce N24 + NLS 2023 2023-07-12

  7. Martinez_4313

    2023 24 Hours of Nurburgring and NLS Manthey EMA pack 1.0

    I said they were going to arrive at some moment, and here they are, Grello in it's most famous events driven by Michael Christensen, Kévin Estre, Frédéric Makowiecki and Thomas Preining Huge thanks to Bonny for helping and dealing with my stupidity regarding config, and most importantly making...
  8. Cerberus1412

    2023 N24H & NLS #69/#24 Dörr Motorsport 1.2

    Mod: Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT3 by Binary Motors This Skin(pack) includes: - 2022 N24H #69 Dörr Motorsport - 2022 NLS #28 Dörr Motorsport 24 Hours of Nürburgring NLS, as seen in NLS 2: Note: might not be 100% accurate Please consider going in-game to check the livery. CM-Showroom...
  9. The History of the Nürburgring 24 Hours

    The History of the Nürburgring 24 Hours

    May has to be one of the best months of the year for racing fans: Not only are the Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500 traditionally held, the Nürburgring 24 Hour Race has made the month even more special since its inaugural event in 1970. It has since become the biggest racing event of...
  10. Itzdatmancam

    2021 NLS BMW M Motorsport SPX Testing 0.1

    This car competed in 2 rounds of NLS(technically one, it crashed out in practice the first time) and was put in SP-X as it wasn't homologated yet. While it wasn't if there was any current BMW Team running it, factory drivers Phillip Eng and Augusto Farfus were the ones taking this beast up the...
  11. Cerberus1412

    Krohn Racing by RPM 1.0

    Hello again, This Skin(pack) includes: - 2022 N24H #126 Krohn Racing by RPM - 2022 NLS #101 Krohn Racing by RPM - 2023 24H Series #907 Krohn Racing by RPM - N24H, NLS & 24H Series Spec was made by @Hi321ih aka Kanye East and includes: - Endurance Headlights - N24H Banner and Lumi...
  12. Noobiix007

    Porsche 992 GT3R 2023 (Falken Motorsports #4 NLS8 2022) 1.0

    Here's my second livery for the 2023 992 GT3R mod: the 2022 Nurburgring Langstrecken Series 8 (NLS) Falken Motorsports #4 car, driven by Frenchman Julien Andlauer and Austrian Klaus Bachler, unfortunately only running for 20 minutes before stopping the car for cooling problems.
  13. finnbot

    2023 NLS 1 Skinpack 1

    2023 NLS 1 Skinpack Includes: - CP RACING #45 - SCHNITZEL ALM RACING #11 - HRT BILSTEIN #8 - BLACK FALCON RACING #102 - FRIKADELLI RACING #111 More Photos Enjoy : )
  14. Noobiix007

    Porsche 992 GT3R 2023 (Manthey Racing #911 NLS7 2022) 1.1 (small fixes for more accuracy)

    This beautiful 911 992 GT3R 2023 mod came out recently from the SDD studio, so I thought I might as well do the iconic green and yellow Manthey Racing livery, this one being from the first race the car ever contested in: the 2022 Nurburgring Langstrecken Series 7 (NLS). It's drivers were...
  15. Itzdatmancam

    2023 NLS Walkenhorst Motorsport Round 2 0.1

    Hey guys )/ Im here with one of my personal favorite teams in NLS, Round 2 Liveries of Walkenhorst Motorsport from the 2023 season. This is for the URD Bayro V2 mod Jakub Giermaziak and Jesse Krohn Thomas Neubauer and Jens Klingmann On Track Real car Many thanks to the people in the...
  16. MEDIIZA Designs

    2023 NLS BMW Junior Team #44 I 4k V1.1

    2023 Junior Team with some big updates! Colour and Map improvements make this skin now more realistic! I also reworked the Driver skin, with a complete overhaul of Max Hesse´s helmet and suit! Have fun guys! On Track Big thanks to my mate @sadthiccboi21 for the great Antenna work! As...
  17. XilefHD

    Møller Bil Motorsport #801 NLS 2022 - Audi RS3 LMS TCR 0.5

    Don't judge me. Please. And if you think you can do it better, prove it. Faster download:
  18. MEDIIZA Designs

    2022 N24h + NLS Rowe Racing #98 + #99 I 4k V.1

    A lot of time went into this... but it was completly worth it! This Pack includes - 98 Rowe 24h Nürburgring 2022 - 99 Rowe 24h Nürburgring 2022 - 98 Rowe NLS 2022 - 99 Rowe NLS 2022 For the first time bayro skins also include a good looking Sprint Version with Endurance Light covers! You...
  19. TG0198

    KKrämer Racing Ginetta G55 GT4 1.0

    This includes the livery that KKrämer Racing used for the 2019 Nürburgring 24h race and a test during the 2020 NLS season (the last time the car was used) NLS version 24h version
  20. M

    2022 NLS & N24 Lionspeed GP Pack v1.1

    First time trying to paint in 3d and really took my time on this one. Its still not perfect and I used some variations of some logos until I find time to make better versions of them. Also my first time playing around with different configs with csp which was fun to experiment with! Liveries...