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  1. arkloh

    488 EVO Nitro Circus 1.0

  2. R

    PESTE NEGRA Satsuma FULL TUNED N2O+Turbo 297HP!! (by Diguera) Last 02-21-2020

    Fully upgraded engine, with N2O and turbocharger MOD Race carburators and light flywheel. Tune Specs- AFR - 13.1 (equalized) Spark angle- 11.9 Gear Ratio- 4.3 Tuned Rockershaft Valves Using Slick Tires
  3. GTR233

    Trofeo Nitro Edizione 5.3.0

    Maserati Trofeo Nitro Edizione v5.3.0 ------------------------------------- >>>>>>>>>> GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH v15.3.0 minimum IS REQUIRED TO MAKE THIS MOD WORK <<<<<<<<<< Archive size = 26 Mo Archive MD5 hash = c1eef56f9443bb9fc7993566a4cfe9b6 This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver...