night lighting

  1. K

    Circuit des Ardennes - Karting 1.0

    Circuit des Ardennes is a fictionnal track located in Belgium. Fast and technical, it's also opened at night time (for CSP + SOL users). [AI] If you're using CSP, disable Cache generated grids and Cache generated payloads in New AI Behavior, it breaks AI lines! [Grass] Activate Grass FX in CSP...
  2. Lavalamp641

    RainFX, Track Lights, GrassFX & More for Sebring RTB 1.0

    Custom Shaders Patch is required, otherwise this will not work. RainFX is currently only available from Ilja Jusupov's (aka x4ab) Patreon. This is for Sebring International Raceway RTB by MadBrain: To install...