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  1. Whalenap

    LM Performance - Monster Energy Porsche 911 II GT3R 1.0

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've shared anything new here, so here's a brand new skin in black with dual matte / gloss texture. Remember that a beer or a coffee is always a pleasure, and also remember that for a donation of 5 euros (or more) I offer a selection - renewed...
  2. N

    Aston Martin Livery Fix V1

    This is a quick fix for the Aston Martin Livery, getting rid of that yucky pink/purple and replacing it with the Neon Yellow thats already partly present on the car. This is only for the Livery, teamwear will probably follow later.
  3. totow

    WDT toyota markII jzx90 - ito skin 1

    Skin for the Toyota Mark II jzx90 from WDT car pack, contain Neons & blinking light inside (use shader patch at night) Put the folder into: cars\WDT_toyota_mark_ii_jzx90\skins
  4. _aminn

    Lando Norris Neon Cap 1.0

    Lando Norris Neon Cap This mod replaces Lando's orange cap with his new, personal, neon green coloured cap. - Copy and paste the 'F1 2020' folder into your F1 2020 game folder. - Standalone Textures are included in the '_Textures' folder if needed. - Any questions? Feel free to message...