need for speed: prostreet

  1. asapcarlos

    Later-Fire/Ryan Cooper 240SX 1.2

    I updated MadMat's skin for the Later-Fire 240SX a.k.a. Ryan Cooper's starting vehicle from Need for Speed: ProStreet. The original mod can be found here. When updating the skin to work with the current version of slivkas' 240SX mod, I used a 2K template versus MadMat's 4K skin. Should help...
  2. UnofficialMotorsport

    RX7 Tuned "Battle Machine" 0.5

    The Battle Machine FD3S. Not the most popular car that the long running NFS series has produced, but still a recognizable car. This has two versions. One is clean. No cable ties, no duct tape, no scratches. Free of battle scars. The other has scratches, duct tape, and cable ties.
  3. Tyber325

    Need for Speed: Prostreet RX-7 skin 2 pack for Mazda RX-7 Tuned 1.0

    This is my first skin for ac. Give me some tips and tricks in the comments, that would really help me ^_^. Comes with install instructions included. Preview: Enjoy!