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  1. S

    Mitsubishi Fujifilm Livery 1.1

    This is my first time creating a mod, so sorry if its not that good :( as the title says, this is a fantasy mitsubishi-fujifilm based skins for f1 2020 my teams. it also including the racesuit, caps, and logo. it is recommended to replace the racenet one over any livery template
  2. OLG_SnakeEyes

    MyTeam Maserati Livery 1.0

    Credit to @jburon72 for the 3D Model Fom car avaible here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/3d-model-for-photoshop-fom-car.34529/ This is my first ever livery. You will need the EGO ERP Archiver to apply it. I won't tell you how there's plenty of explanation about the archiver on this...