myteam livery

  1. B

    F1 2020 Custom Livery - Black Ice Racing (WIP) 0.1

    ________________________________________________________________________________ I present you my team custom livery Black Ice Racing. This livery started as a personal project which ended up getting plenty of attention on Reddit. Following a few requests, I have decided to release an early...
  2. Weshiz

    Peugeot Livery for MyTeam 2020-09-08

    This is my first livery! A Peugeot f1 livery for MyTeam. I hope that you will like her ! You just have to copy paste into your game files. Or you can do it manually with ERP. Do not hesitate to let me know your opinions and your experience in youtube video if you can. Regards, Yann, Weshiz.
  3. samideluxe

    MyTeam Maserati F1 livery 1.0

    Maserati F1 Team. This contains a fantasy livery design of a Maserati F1 Team. Included is also a Maserati Badge which replaces a standard badge for career mode. It's copy & paste installation and replaces the racenet livery. I hope you all enjoy it! If you want to support my work, feel free...
  4. HeskeyBoy21

    Crunchyroll MyTeam Livery 1.00

    This is my favourite design I have made yet! I felt I used a little more creativeness and was helped with use of a wire-mesh image for reference to understand the chassis more (I have no access to 3D models or Photoshop). Copy and paste installation and ERP files for manual installation...
  5. HeskeyBoy21

    Bugatti F1 MyTeam Livery 0.90

    My first ever MyTeam Livery! It replaces but uses the base of race-net livery. This is my custom Bugatti design inspired by Sean Bull. Contains both copy and paste and ERP installation options. Sean Bull Design In-game Shots:
  6. WhoSNexT

    Sean Bull Koenigsegg my team livery

    Hey guys, just wondered if someone would be up to do the Sean Bull Koenigsegg concept livery for my team. Would love to see it. :D
  7. Jolan

    My Team Porsche DMG Mori F1 Team 2020 (Full Team Package) 1.5

    This is a Porsche livery for My Team, inspired by the Porsche Endurance Teams and Formula E Team All Engine suppliers available In this mod you have : -The car liveries (Race livery and simulator livery, numbers) -All driver gear (Cap, suit, gloves, boots, helmet, a few f2 driver helmet...
  8. godjay

    Honda MyTeam | Type R F1 Team | NFSU Inspired V1.1 | 1x w/ & 1x w/o car number space

    This is my first ever livery that I have created on any F1 game so far so please be gentle ^_^. This car is a massive hypothetical situation if Honda and some billionaire from the NFSU scene + all JDM performance brands were to do a collaboration in F1. I'm assuming you guys know how to import...