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  1. C

    Satsuma AMP Rallye Livery 1.0

    The Satsuma AMP Rallye was made by Satsuma Motors in 1974. It wasn't meant for road use as it had no dashboard and came with just the drivers seat and tachometer and also because it would not pass emissions due to its weber carbs and more open exhaust. Because of this the car was mostly sold to...
  2. derbcat

    satsuma gt turbo save 2021-04-06

    siita eemelille
  3. xSlayder and iRaphahell

    Old School Car From 2018 - 2021

    English: Hello ! Today I thought of posting another savegame for my summer car! The car is an OldSchool model. The car has very nice wheels, cd player, antenna, twin carburetor, new oil filter, old battery (you can change it, you can find it in the garage), clean house, beer, but you have no...
  4. elari222

    My summer car (FULL STOCK) v0.1

    (FULL STOCK) 50 000 mk Van and gifu key unlocked
  5. B

    msc save game gt fully tuned inf money with turbo and ecu ready v1.0

    Green satsuma gt rally ready fully tuned with all keys vehicles and A LOAD of money! works best with donnerplays donnertech turbo and ecu mod but if you dont have it, it still works perfectly fine. all parts owned if you need any that are not in garage they will be at fleetaris suski story done...
  6. rysonxd

    Stock Satsuma AMP Save (400k mk) 1.1

    Fully stock satsuma, you may have to tune a bit. I literally only built the satsuma, nothing else done. 400k Marks in your wallet too I'm very active and reliable. If you want anything added I'll make sure to do it. :)
  7. Ax 577

    Tuned Satsuma ...

    Tuned Satsuma A lot of money Keys to the,hayoskio,ruscko,gifu A lot of food and beer Wristwatch Satsuma engine is 100% wear its like new
  8. Antzo


    MODS COMES IN THE FOLDER ASWELL AS THE IMAGES AND STUFF! YOU NEED MOD LOADER My first satsuma build, fully tuned with turbo and ecu https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/donnertechracing-satsuma-turbocharger.31021/ (you need to install it yourself)...
  9. Kray263

    Teimo Racing skin 2020-05-10

  10. K

    help with 3d models

    could somebody help me convert 3d models in my summer car ???
  11. P

    Haverdaden Sprint ?

    THIS MOD IS NOT MINE! IT IS MADE BY haverdaden, I ONLY REUPLOADED THIS FROM HIS GITHUB, I DO NOT PROVIDE ANY SUPPORT NOR CLAIM HIS WORK AS MINE, THIS MOD IS "AS IS", JUST A REUPLOAD This mod allows you to sprint even faster by double-tapping and holding the run key, which also allows you to...
  12. L

    How a real swede plays my summer car

    This post is about how a real swede plays my summer car and how to mod the satsuma like a real swede 1 Get the satute mod from Martythegamer, https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/satsute.23742/ 2 Get rid of the coil springs in the back 3 Next step is to get even more air fresheners by...
  13. Castrated

    Satsuma GT - Tuned (not inspected) Everything Unlocked/Bought (Ideal Save!) 2019-09-23

    Satsuma GT Basic Standard Looking GT Build. Clean and Fresh. Garage fully stocked/equipped. Car drives great! 500K Marka.
  14. Jdavisss

    [Tires] Ruscko New Whitewall Tires 1.0

  15. Jdavisss

    NEW Asphalt Roads Texture 1.1

    Here my first try MOD that i'd like to share with everyone who play My Summer Car This mod turn the gravel road into asphalt Install with the UnityAssetsExplorer Replace textures in sharedassets3.assets Replace gravel_road.tex.dds
  16. dfghjdrhjrty

    Satsuma Antenna 1.0.3

    This is a very simple and good looking Antenna for the satsuma My Discord [Add me if you want to request me to make something] BryanJMoDz#5017 [1.0.3] Update --Fixed Texture not loading --Optimized DLL --Failed to get moving physics :( [1.0.2] Update --Re-Textured --Removed unused code...
  17. A

    My Summer Car Save Game 1.2

    It's a save game with a good Satsuma and all of the cars in My Summer Car.
  18. tommojphillips

    Secure Spare Tire 0.1

    Secure a spare wheel in the Satsuma's trunk! When you first install the mod and run the game you will find your spare wheel in the trunk of the Satsuma. You can secure any of the rims in the boot! How To Install: Unpack/Exract the contents of "SecureSpareTire_v0.1.rar" with WinRAR Copy...
  19. tommojphillips

    Secure Car Jack 0.1

    Secure your car jack in your satsuma! When you have install this mod, you will find your car jack secured to your car. Simply right click to disassemble to use the car jack. After use. to secure it, Firstly make sure you have folded it up! then pick it up and move it roughly over the lower-left...
  20. tommojphillips

    Quick Save/Load 1.1

    Quick Save/Load allows you to quickly save / load while in-game. # Quick-save key: F5 # Quick-load key: F6 # Displays message in upper-left corner of screen when Quick-saving/loading. # Reloads mods (and resets mscloader) when quick-loading/saving. How to Install QuickSaveLoad v1.1: 1.)...