1. M

    save game satsuma FULL TUNED 03.08.2022

    Everything is maxed out to the brim money, beer did I specify beer? anyway more beer oh yea and some facts: PLEASE READ: Everything that isn't GT on the satsuma is in the garage eg: the steering wheel I do not know where in the name of christ is the gt paintjob and where to get it from...
  2. B

    Inspected GT Satsuma & Suitcase Satsuma Save Game for newest version 1.0

    My discord BladeZ#0585:) Only one save game (Im Making an Racing one il upload it tommorow or on sunday) ►Satsuma✔ ►Gifu✔ ►Blue Van✔ ►Ruscko❌ (Only Works with Screwdriver) ►Suitcase✔
  3. Total random save game for My Summer Car

    Total random save game for My Summer Car

    Tuned Satsuma with all body parts
  4. KASYN

    Misc Metalica - NO LIFE 'TIL LEATHER

    KASYN submitted a new resource: Metalica - NO LIFE 'TIL LEATHER - MUSIC Read more about this resource...
  5. Mr.Gitsen

    Seat Belt Indicator 2.0

    Do you forget to fasten your seat belt and therefore die in accidents? During the trip you are tormented by the question: "Have I fastened my seat belt?" - this mod is for you! Also, it only works with standard seats. Work with MODLoader and MODLoader Pro.
  6. K

    Satsuma Do avô ReMake 2.0

    Historia: A algum tempo quando o personagem iria completar 18 Anos Seu avô decidiu comprar um Carro ecônomico Ele comprou um Satsuma AMP LX 1976 com Um Motor de Satsuma AMP 1973, Mas o Carro Estava em pessîmas condições, o Seu Avô consertou muitas coisas antes Do seu aniversario, porem ele teve...
  7. FleetariLeif

    Jonnez ES Skin 1.1

    Insert the template into your image folder. This is a skin based from the original Suzuki PV 50 moped. I changed the colours to blue and grey, wich i think is a pretty nice mixture. Hope you enjoy the skin and please rate it!
  8. K

    Satsute 2.1

    This is a Remaster of the original mod but now it works. if you have any texture bugs and just save the game All credit to original creator PeuuuuuBlackWhite
  9. K

    Poor Guy Life 1.0

    Hello Neste Save You Are Poor, Ganhou um ST Ricochet em uma partida de BlackJack, Satsuma e um carro abandonado na lixeira, - As peças do interior ficam na parte de trás da inspeção - As peças de suspensão estão no mecânico - As partes do corpo estão na mansão abandonada -Outras peças estão...
  10. K

    Dashboard steam Satsuma 1.0

    t is literally the Satsuma of the steam panel - Satsuma inspected and tuned -Double Carburetor, CD Player, Antennas, Automotive Sound, and racing engine flywheel - the player has food, cigarettes, and beer NOTE: The player Never Smoked And I Didn't Use Cheats
  11. K

    Aprimored new save ReMake 1.0

    Basicamente, você começa com ricochete (opcional), a ferramenta mais rápida, o volante do motor de corrida, o medidor de carboidratos e os faróis e as rodas originais com os pneus básicos de corrida
  12. C

    Satsuma AMP Rallye Livery 1.0

    The Satsuma AMP Rallye was made by Satsuma Motors in 1974. It wasn't meant for road use as it had no dashboard and came with just the drivers seat and tachometer and also because it would not pass emissions due to its weber carbs and more open exhaust. Because of this the car was mostly sold to...
  13. derbcat

    satsuma gt turbo save 2021-04-06

    siita eemelille
  14. xSlayder and iRaphahell

    Old School Car From 2018 - 2021

    English: Hello ! Today I thought of posting another savegame for my summer car! The car is an OldSchool model. The car has very nice wheels, cd player, antenna, twin carburetor, new oil filter, old battery (you can change it, you can find it in the garage), clean house, beer, but you have no...
  15. elari222

    My summer car (FULL STOCK) v0.1

    (FULL STOCK) 50 000 mk Van and gifu key unlocked
  16. B

    msc save game gt fully tuned inf money with turbo and ecu ready v1.0

    Green satsuma gt rally ready fully tuned with all keys vehicles and A LOAD of money! works best with donnerplays donnertech turbo and ecu mod but if you dont have it, it still works perfectly fine. all parts owned if you need any that are not in garage they will be at fleetaris suski story done...
  17. rysonxd

    Stock Satsuma AMP Save (400k mk) 1.1

    Fully stock satsuma, you may have to tune a bit. I literally only built the satsuma, nothing else done. 400k Marks in your wallet too I'm very active and reliable. If you want anything added I'll make sure to do it. :)
  18. Ax 577

    Tuned Satsuma ...

    Tuned Satsuma A lot of money Keys to the,hayoskio,ruscko,gifu A lot of food and beer Wristwatch Satsuma engine is 100% wear its like new
  19. Antzo


    MODS COMES IN THE FOLDER ASWELL AS THE IMAGES AND STUFF! YOU NEED MOD LOADER My first satsuma build, fully tuned with turbo and ecu (you need to install it yourself)...
  20. Kray263

    Teimo Racing skin 2020-05-10