1. B

    My Summer Car Save Gave 1.0

    Satsuma is fixed and ready 2 go, inspection is done but I don't know how long licence will last, wasp nests are killed, some aftermarket and GT parts are installed (shown on screenshots). You have 4k money and GIFU is at the Tiemo Shop, I bought sausages and milk and went to grandma so You have...
  2. McNasty

    MSC save game Ultimate 1.0

    You start the game with everything you need, you have 90 thousand, sit back enjoy the game, listen to the birds. *comes with Gifu truck skin*
  3. STarsik

    My Christmas Car / Moj Swiateczny Samochod - Project by Starsik_X_Project (POLISH PROJECT) 1.3v v1.4

    INSTALLATION I would like to introduce to you my project my summer car under the name My Christmas Car - POLISH EDITION WITH POLISH INSCRIPTIONS (90% Polish) - Awaiting for those willing to dub The project is made for and will think about Polish players my summer car there are 2...
  4. R

    ALL ITEMS My summer car save game 0.1

    This save has probably all the items you can have in the game right beside your home. All the things you can order for the Satsuma. Every rim with tires. Everything in the catalog. The computer. Satsuma works. Not fully tuned for race but everything you need is in the garage to do it. ALL the...
  5. KmunBienen

    Russian Road Signs 23.12.2018

    Finland is getting boring. Especially for all those slavic bois. It's time to stop. It's time to change. INTRODUCING THE NEW ̶f̶̶i̶̶b̶̶e̶̶r̶̶f̶̶i̶̶x̶ Russian Road Signs Pack For My Summer Car! This small pack includes the change of all russian road signs. If you want me to do other countries...
  6. A

    My Summer Car Save Game 1.2

    It's a save game with a good Satsuma and all of the cars in My Summer Car.
  7. K

    Race Satsuma Savepack [2019] 2.0

    110 Horsepower The most powerful Satsuma available Monday 8AM start, all needs at 0 5,000 Markka Satsuma needs Gasoline, Coolant, Motor Oil & Brake/Clutch Fluid Permanent and non-permanent death saves No Jokke progress, no Jobs phoned in yet Strawberry picking maxed Ventti bet at max (you can...
  8. K

    Satsuma Horsepower Comparison

    Updated thread here
  9. MrDontCare

    MSC - Experimental Test Branch v9.5 Save [PC is in the bedroom] Test Branch 03.10.2018

    This Experimental Test Branch 9.5 is now over. Do Not Downloade This is a copy of my normal save file, but for the experemental version. Plain and clean save for the Experimental Test Branch and the Pc is in the bedroom where it belongs. ACTIVE: Test branch changelog #9.5 (COMPUTER)...
  10. MrDontCare

    MSC - Plain And Clean Save - Never stole the suitcase or smoked in game UPDATE 23.12.2019

    GAME UPDATE 23.12.2019 The Ruscko key is back. Sorry for the late update, I have not played this game in quit some time. The Ruscko key was gone after the latest update, but now it is back in your possession. UPDATE 9.5.2019 Did a quick test to see if everything worked and it does. Pretty...