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my summer car - dashboard - skin - car -textures

  1. lebod

    Glitched car SAVE GAME 2020-10-17

    Ok so yeah this is a glitched car save open the READ ME.txt file
  2. C

    Balfield lamp replacement 2020-04-17

    This is the first texture I have uploaded. It replaces the texture on the player bedroom lamp to a custom Garfield texture I made myself. Install: Use UnityEX to replace balfield_lamp in sharedassets3
  3. ArashTaFace

    [Skin] Chrome & Fire By Arash

  4. M

    all of my /images (my summer car) f.i.a.t..8.5.0.

    includes 2 of my previous posters, new poster, pohjanmaa car paint, rear window sticker with Fennia vakuutus Insurance (finnaly insurance for datsun) and suzuki pv skin for datsun!
  5. H

    My Summer Car [Save Game] 05.07.2019 1.0

  6. H

    My Summer Car (save game) 05.07.2019 1.0

  7. M

    Mod help!

    There are some mods I wanted to install, but they are not the usual and simple ones like grabanything, or Teleport. The ones I want are for car skins, I found a couple I like and I don't really know how to do that asset stuff. So please message me if you can help! Thanks For Reading
  8. metehan262626

    My summer Car Wood dashboard all versions

    please like - made in turkish :cool::cool: