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my sumemr car

  1. FROSTFOX2020

    Question to Mod makers

    Can someone help me? i need mesh file name from it I can't find that file in UABE which fix that black points (battery, Radiator, window frames and Reg plate .. etc..
  2. Linkoln_TECH

    Racing Satsuma (3 different save games) 2021 0.0.5

    Features: • Racing carburetor installed • N₂O botle and injectors installed • Roll cage installed (only GT racer) • Extra gauges installed (only GT racer) • Rally suspension installed (only GT racer) • Bucket seats and racing harness installed (only GT racer) • Rally wheels installed (only GT...
  3. Linkoln_TECH

    Special rear window sticker 0.0.2

    3 Diferent window stickers If you like my work:thumbsup: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/linkoln_tech More information in file "How to install window stickers.txt" Thank you for downloading:)
  4. S

    ihan ok tallennus my summer car 4.3.2020

    kilju is ready, car is tuned only nitro missing take letter to teimo sorry my bad english im finnis guy go fleetari first woodjob is ready you can find it to mailbox ja sama suomeks kilju on valmista, auto on tuunattu nitrot puuttuu vie kirje postiin fleetarilla on renkaita ja erilaista...
  5. Niko1645

    Satsuma 248 HP (with supercharger mod) 2020-01-30

    Without the supercharger mod it makes only 143 hp but with it it makes 248 hp.Car on dynamometer. First and second picture no mod third and fourth with mod. Link for supercharger mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/supercharger-for-satsuma.27755/
  6. C

    yellow car guy skin for satsuma 1

  7. S

    Can someone wire up my satsuma please

  8. P

    Save Satsuma GT 2019-11-12

  9. M

    My Summer Car save game with GT parts instaled 2019-08-04

    What it contains: -A Satsuma with the engine tuned and GT parts installed -999.999 Marks -Gifu and Hayosiko -Rally tires and metal paint on the Satsuma
  10. H

    My Summer Car (save game) 05.07.2019 1.0

  11. M

    my summer car satsuma barnfind 1.4

    this is satsuma barnfind you have poat go boat and go casino
  12. KillTheNoise

    My juicy reshade preset.! 1,000,000

    Hello guys, I noticed how depressing in game graphic is and had decided to create my own reshade preset, differences are very noticable, drastical I would even say. You will need to download & install reshade from their official sitehttps://reshade.me can cause drops in fps (fps in this game are...
  13. T

    My summer car save (1.0) 1.0

    This Save is in Alpha. we are gonna be adding some stuff to it soon. If the save is broken, Contact me on Discord (#7330 Evilek)
  14. L

    Unity Assets Explorer 1.5 (I have a link)

    ive been looking for so long. heres what ive got. v1.5!!
  15. Wampa842

    Unflip Your Ride 2018-06-12

    A console command to deal with heavy vehicles that went tits-up. Kind of a cheat. Also kind of crap since it simply resets the car's rotation and places it 1m higher. It won't get you out of a ditch or lake. Hint: the default key to open the console is ~. Usage: unflip <number> [angle] where...