1. ninman8

    Lightning McQueen Rust-eze Racing Livery - Assetto Corsa skin for the MX5 Cup 2.0

    Rust-eze Racing 2.0 is Here! What started out as just a joke has become something real! I originally created this livery as joke when I was first learning how to make them. I posted it to this website primarily as a means to be able to download it on to my other computer. To my surprise, it...
  2. ninman8

    Drip Motorsports Livery - Assetto Corsa Skin for the MX5 Cup 1.0

    I am brand new to livery making and this is my first real attempt at making something that could exist in the real world. I know I need to improve but I am very proud of it. Special thanks to Ethical and Ku1 for helping me decide on the color scheme. If you are a fan of my work and you would...
  3. bbeavis

    Mazda MX-5 - Time Attack Turbo 1.01

    Mazda MX-5 Time Attack Turbo by Beavis Motorsport This Asseto Corsa mod was developed based on the lap GPS data from the real world car. Along with over 800kms of in game testing, A/C car data was created in comparison with real world lap GPS data to replicate the performance of the actual car...
  4. A

    mx5 red and carbon 1

  5. TL98_RD

    MX5 Cup "Signor Franz Edition" IDK

    My first attempt at skinning (i know i'm pretty shite as you can tell) This skin is modelled after Il Signor Franz (italian youtuber who's secretly a gearhead like us)'s ND Miata (he owns a meteor grey one); this is what he could get if he has an unlimited budget. if you're better than me at...
  6. J

    Mazda MX-5 IMSA 2020 (request by ImSteevin) 0.1

    No Sponsors yet, just the blank design. Logos will be added eventually
  7. 00Hunter00

    Scrapyard Mazda MX5 CUP Skin 2019-11-13

    Scrapyard Mazda MX5 CUP Skin I often find myself at the back of the pack, it gets a little scrappy from time to time. Gave me the idea for a skin that more reflected my driving skills, or lack there of. 4k / 2k versions. (2k is under 10Mb) Preview Content Manager Showroom - '][/URL]...
  8. Reb.Ellion

    [AMS] 2006 Mazda MX5 Cup V1.2

    Conversion and 3D modelling by Rebellion. NEW Physics by @santi_glza Talent files by @Poopenshnapples Unpack in your Automobilista Mainfolder if you have a previuos version installed let overwrite and edit your RealFeelPlugin.ini Search for this entry [MX-5:] MaxForceAtSteeringRack=1000.000000...
  9. manuelj3

    Mazda mx5-cup Castrol Team 0.9

    To install, extract the file into your Assetto Corsa Home Directory...
  10. netroxx

    Burger king MX-5 Cup HD Skin (New small details, carbon...) 1.1

    Hi, HD skin for MX-5 Cup. - Compatibility JSGME, paste "Burger king MX5 cup HD skin" folder in MODS folder Enjoy :)
  11. manuel_sanchez

    Mazda mx5 cup Team MAG RACING 63,64,65

    Hola , este skin es un equipo ficticio y tiene 3 versiones con colores y dorsales diferentes . estan editados los monos de los mecanicos , sponsors del box , casco piloto y mecanico ,guantes piloto y mono del piloto . espero que les guste , un saludo . Hello, this skin is a fictitious team and...
  12. Max Spoone

    Roddison Motorsport - MAX5 UK Championship Car 1.0

    A livery based on the Roddison Motorsport #55 car competing in various UK championships run by the BARC, BRSCC and 750MC - Replaces 55 car in MX-5 Global Cup
  13. DKOliver


    Here is a complete view This also includes the PSD files to edit in Photoshop if you want to make changes!
  14. cpl12

    Mazda MX-5 CUP IMSA Replic Finished

    Mazda MX-5 CUP IMSA Replic I acept possitive/negative valuations also advices BUT RATE¡ :D Feel free to text me
  15. Brandon Wright

    US MX-5 Cup @ Brands Hatch - Monday January 30, 2017

    Welcome to Miata Monday! This week we'll take the MX-5 Cup to Brands Hatch to find out if the answer to everything really is "Miata". All premium members can sign up for this event and we have unlimited slots available so make sure to bring a friend. Sign up below and make sure to tag fellow...
  16. LeSunTzu

    Mazda MX5 Cup – LeVolant – Media 4h race 2015 2016-10-06

  17. LeSunTzu

    Mazda MX5 Cup – Tipo Daytona – Media 4h race 2015 2016-09-01

  18. Esotic

    MX5 Cup Skin Pack and Automation Files V1.0

    This should give you an idea of the various colors represented. The Zip also contains all the Gimp templates and scripts I used with Gimp and AutoIT to run the automation. Much thanks to Dangeruss over at DeviantArt for allowing me to create this interpretation/conversion of his work, which...