1. CelticPharaoh - Twitch

    CelticPharaoh - Twitch

    Assetto Corsa Competizione ACC | Rerun Mode
  2. J


    Hi all, sorry for the lame question (couldn't find too much elsewhere) but is it actually possible to play with someone via LAN or Internet (in 2019)? We have both bought game via Steam and we are on the same LAN network but no success at all. From what I understand you cannot have modded...
  3. SkullArmy

    Multiplayer races finishing early

    I'm trying to do a timed race but the race always finishes after 3 laps even if the GDB is set to say.. 800 laps and 15 minutes. The 15 minute timer works but whoever is in first position gets the chequered flag after 3 laps. We have the same track GDB and both have race distance set to time...
  4. M

    A city driving sim, would you play it?

    Hey there, I am here to get opinions on a game idea. In short, the game is something in between City Car Driving, Forza Horizon and GTA. It would be great if you can share your honest opinion and wishes for such a game, especially after you read what is planned. What are the most important...
  5. K

    Ranked Races

    Why I can't play the ranked races? It's searching the room pretty quickly and then it's says "joning the room" and it's stays there forever...why is liked that? The mods ( have only custom helmets ) it's out of case because even without them it's stays in the same moment forever..
  6. 2


    Hi all. Can anyone tell me how to get into a multiplayer race in dirt rally 2.0?
  7. Epistolarius

    Official response regarding matchmaking

    There doesn't seem to be a post about this on RD yet, so in case you missed it: Are you happy with this direction? If...
  8. VaselzGr

    MotoGP™19 - Multiplayer Features

    Milestone today announces MotoGP™19’s new Multiplayer mode, now featuring important improvements both on technical infrastructure and gameplay experience. Developers worked hard to implement technologies that create a more stable and reliable online experience, and enrich gameplay with new...
  9. H

    Are custom liveries playable in multiplayer?

    So as the title say, I just want your help to figure it out.
  10. Z

    Petition for creating a dedicated lobby server with RD

    GTR2 is such an iconic game -even after 13 years after launch. During this time, the world of sim racing not just simply changed, it transformed. Simulators came year after year with the hope: they can give us something individual. I'm not going to lie they did. In some cases we got unspeakable...
  11. Z

    GTR2 multiplayer events (maybe a league) in modern sim's era?

    Hello everyone! I just want to ask you about a few things in connection with GTR2 multiplayer. So, first of all, I know this legendary game started 13 years ago, but in my oponion it's still amazing and really love it. (And also know, ther are a lot more sim with much more popularity and...
  12. J

    PVP Multiplayer Rallycross Livery (skin) problem

    Hi all, I am hoping someone can help or confirm an issue I am having with the liveries / skins in PVP Multiplayer Rallycross. We play via LAN in a closed session using Steam to invite the other player(s) and even if we choose a different livery for our cars only we can see our own selected...
  13. D

    What about Multiplayer?

    Hi guys, Automovilista is on sale right now and i was wondering if the game worth to be purchased if i only want to play online. Is it populated? Is it easy to find lobbies with fellow simracers to race with or is it dead? Thanks.
  14. Tebb

    SRSA Chat Extract

    Hi All, I just wrote this small app to write all multiplayer chat logs to an external *.txt file. It includes date/time stamps. I wrote this for administrative use over at the Sim Race South Africa league, for race control to review, in particular any ACRL_DRS unserved penalties post-race...
  15. MrBismarck

    Skip to next session in multiplayer

    I'm running a dedicated server for a multiplayer league and frequently we're ready to move on from warm-up to the race before the end of the warm-up session. Is there any way to vote for or trigger a move to the next session so we don't have to sit and watch the clock count down? Thanks.
  16. vallespir

    Multiplayer Server

    I want to host a multiplayer race in Rfactor. If I click on the .exe-file: "rfactor dedicated server", the menu doesn't come up and the loading process stops. can someone help
  17. B

    Kissmyrank Assetto Corsa Multiplayer Launcher Mod 0.1d

    Kissmyrank Assetto Corsa Multiplayer Launcher Mod --------------------------------------------- Author: Brioche License: No warranty. Do whatever you like :). Disclaimer: By using this Mod, you accept that your in-game nickname, IP Address and Steam GUID might be used, stored and shared...
  18. Michael Tobin

    multiplayer issue

    Hi i could use a bit of help. I have been using dedicated servers for months with no issues but as of yesterday i can't seem to find my own one anymore. I know it is up and running but when i go into the launcher it just doesn't seem to be there. It has been working for ages so all the ports are...
  19. danracer2000

    WHEN an iracing competitor in multiplayer system??

    Whe need SR and iR to clasify the racers and to mix them to similar skilled racers and enjoy more the experience. may be will be PC2, GT sport (this is trying to make an iR and SR systm..), AMS2, AC 2, rF2 will implemet it? Its mandatory the sims addapt, and SR ad iR is the way to go, not...