msc save game

  1. MafiaYT

    Turbo Satsuma Game Save (MOD IN DESC) 1.1

    Dazys Turbo Mod: Creator Of The Mod: Location to Put Files: C:\Users\NAME\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT MY SAVE I ONLY ADDED THE...
  2. H

    My save game (almost stock car and suitcase stolen.) 1.0

    Almost Stock save game, made by Jaksu Gamer. Suitcase is stolen, and it's at home. Satsuma is on Fleetari's Repair Shop. All vehicles, and i have used the Tangerine Pick-Up mod, but you don't have to use it. Ruscko can be used with screwdriver. The envelope has been send, and some of the tuning...
  3. S

    My Summer Car Save Game Update 1

    This is the real update Download this to play for all the tools are in my save :thumbsup: :)
  4. S

    The Best My Summer Car Save Game UPDATE!!!!!! 1

    all tools are now available :thumbsup:
  5. S

    The Best My Summer Car Save Game 1

    The car is inside the garage so there is nothing to be afraid of and there is a little surprise in the kitchen the first toolbox is gone but the best toolbox is inside the garage hope you will like what I have done have a good time Hello ;) :) I Saw something the wiring mess are missing sorry
  6. anto08440

    Save Game with infinite money and full tuned Satsuma (For v. 10.01.2020 or lately)

    to insert the save game, you need to go in: App Data/LocalLow/AmisTech/My Summer Car/ and then put the files in the folder. Enjoy!
  7. TermiCZECH

    My Summer car fully tuned satsuma v2.0

    The satsuma is at fletari repair shop :)
  8. N

    SATSUMA HELP 2019-09-08

    this is a save game from me with satsuma
  9. N

    SATSUMA HELP 2019-09-08

    this is a save game from me with satsuma
  10. billboxbox12485343

    my summer car save game by billyboboxbox 4.0

    100% stock satsuma all tuning parts in the garage vendetti's car all cars at home a flatbed of firewood ready to deliver wired satsuma a good amount of money beer! a full fridge of food kilju ready no damage to the satsuma (cosmetic) I recently replaced the water pump, fuel pump, alternator...