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  1. Erik_27

    Mclaren 650S GT3 Dashboard V1

    Just download , double click and install to SimHub. Please be sure to check the box to install the fonts. Enjoy it! For any doubts please contact me via Discord: Erik_27#5855
  2. Project Cars 2 * McLaren MP4-12C [mod download]

    Project Cars 2 * McLaren MP4-12C [mod download]

    McLaren MP4-12C [mod download] at YT
  3. Ama FMOD

    McLaren MP4-12C SOUNDMOD 1.0

    Hi everyone, this is another project I was working on : The car used in the video has a slighty modified gearbox that use correct gear ratios unlike kunos mclaren Might add more samples to the sound later Source onboard : Exhaust was made with P1 and MP4-12C exhaust mix
  4. Unbiased

    Mclaren MP4-12C Visual Update 2018-04-05

    Little visual enhancements for Mclaren MP4-12C New tyres (PZero Trofeo R), real CCM brakes. Some material and texture tweaks on steering wheel. Unpack, drop into main AC folder, run JSGME and apply the mod. Updates are visual only so no problems with going online.