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  1. 86ayayay

    WSBK 2019 Mini Mod - Yamaha YZF-R1 1.0

    What's Inside : - Pata Yamaha & GRT Yamaha WSBK 2019 replaces Monster Yamaha & Petronas Yamaha Rossi --> Lowes Vinales --> Van der Mark Quartararo --> Melandri Morbidelli --> Cortese - YZF-R1 2019 bikes, Van der Mark, Lowes, & Cortese livery made by titi114 - Added Melandri's 2019...
  2. DigiBric

    BMW HP4Race 1.0

    Replace Custom Pilot KTM Factory Team
  3. DigiBric

    Kawazuki Mugello Edition 1.0

  4. GujiLaiGaming

    MotoGP 19 RaceDepartment Combined Mods V 2.0

    MotoGP 19 RaceDepartment Combined Mods by Guji Lai Gaming This Paks Has Included: 1. Rider Updates V 1.4 by BIKER7202 2. LCR Honda Castrol Custom Rider Mod by Famous Youtuber Gorioris 3. Tyre Fix For Historic Bikes V 1.2 by 007licensed 4. Pramac Lamborghini Mugello Mod by Calicojack 5. Yamaha...
  5. DigiBric

    Kawasaki MotoGP Fantasy Team 2.0

    Replace Custom Pilot...
  6. kawa4saki

    Loris Capirossi Mugello 2006 ( 4-STROKE HISTORIC BIKE LORIS CAPIROSSI ) Version 2 (fixed colours)

    NOTE: THIS IS A MOD FOR LORIS CAPIROSSI ( 4 STROKE HISTORIC 2006 DUCATI ) a livery he has run in the motogp 2006 mugello race where he finished on the podium. it was a request by Alex Marlboro ( thank you buddy for your trust ) this mod replaces Loris Capirossi's his Original skin. Changes...
  7. kawa4saki

    Motogp Fantasy Red Bull KTM ( CUSTOM RIDER ONLY ) 2019-09-26

    This is a fantasy skin for the red bull ktm this is only for the custom rider. This was a request by GunnDawg Thanks buddy, to give me all my freedom. This mod replaces the CUSTOM RIDER for red bull ktm. Contains: bike livery and alpinestar suit. If you have any question's just send em a pm...
  8. kawa4saki

    Moto2 2013 Arma Energy Marc VDS ( CUSTOM RIDER ) 2019-09-25

    Retro livery from the Moto2 2013 season. Arma Energy Marc VDS team, this team replaces the 0,0 Marc VDS Estrella Galicia team for the CUSTOM RIDER ( custom rider only ) This mod contain's bike livery and alpinestar suit. Number and helmet not included. For any question's, send me an PM...
  9. kawa4saki

    Moto3 Bankia Aspar 2012 ( CUSTOM RIDER ) 2019-09-25

    Retro livery. From Moto3 season 1 ( 2012 ) Bankia Aspar, Replaces the Angel Nieto Moto3 team. This mod is for the custom rider only. Bike livery and alpinestar in the mod. number and helmet not included. For question's send me a PM. Best Wishes Kawa92saki,
  10. kawa4saki

    Retro 2009 Phillip Island Ducati for CUSTOM RIDER ( MODERNBIKE ) 2019-09-23

    Installing this mod. 1.UNPACK THE ZIP FILE. with winrar or 7zip. 2.Put the pak file in ( motogp 19 -> content -> pak ) 3.Start the game. IMPORTANT: it is possible that the mod will not show up in the game, to fix this you have to delete an older livery mod for the Ducati. i used my own coca...
  11. kawa4saki

    MGP19 Important when installing a mod.

    Hello everyone, i did found out, a bout something. This could make problem´s for people who wanna use mod´s. There is a problem with the game, for example: if you downloaded a mod. Like for a Ducati livery, then that one will work. BUT.... if you do install a 2th mod for the same Ducati...
  12. kawa4saki

    Moto2 FIMMCO Speed Up (custom rider) 2019-09-07

    My 6th modded skin, this time for the speed up bike. FIMMCO Speed Up 2010 moto2 livery. it replaces the +EGO Speed up bike for the custom rider. includes: bike livery and alpinestar suit. Best Wishes Kawa92saki.
  13. kawa4saki

    Moto2 Tuenti HP40 Pons (custom rider) 2019-09-07

    Moto2 Tuenti HP40 Pons livery for custom rider. this mod replaces the Original Flexbox Pons bike. Includes: bike livery and alpinestar suit. NOTE: if you use a number it's better to create a number with number editor to fit in perfectly between the 40 logo. my number, helmet and butpatch not...
  14. kawa4saki

    Moto2 Catalunya Ciaxa Repsol (for custom driver) 2019-09-05

    This skin is created by a request from: lollospartacus. (marquez moto 2 2012 bike and suit.) Thank you for giving trusting me, to create this skin. It was fun but a hard one to create. This is my 4th mod ( the hardest i've created so far ) Mod contain's: bike skin, and alpinestar skin (...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    MGP19 New MotoGP 19 Update Available Now

    A new patch for MotoGP 19 has been released. Ok folks fair warning, the notes connected to the new MotoGP 19 update will take some time to read - so get yourself a drink, find a comfortable spot to rest up, turn off the TV and prepare to settle down for a long read... MotoGP 19 Update Notes...
  16. kawa4saki

    Coca Cola Ducati GP19 (custom driver) 2019-09-04

    Coca Cola Ducati GP19 for custom rider. It is my 3th mod. Contain's: bike livery, suit livery. ( helmet, number & butpatches not concluded ) It does replace the Ducati factory bike for the custom rider. If you do have any question's, issue's or anything else let me know and i will try to...
  17. DigiBric

    Ducati M2R YT v3 3.0

    Replace Custom Pilot
  18. DigiBric

    Suzuki Caterpillar 1.0

    Replace Custom Pilot
  19. DigiBric

    M2R GiGino Performance Team 3.0

    Changelog 3.0: Bike color more opaque How To Install: Extract and copy file in, es: C/Program(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/MotoGP™19/motogp19/content/Paks... Replace Yamaha Petronas Custom Pilot Mod created for youtuber NU89
  20. DigiBric

    VR46 Sky MotoGP Team 1.0

    Replace KTM Tech 3 Full team