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motion cockpit

  1. Automobilista 2 At Home at Oulton Park  Crest Autosport Ginetta G40 GT5 League Round 3

    Automobilista 2 At Home at Oulton Park Crest Autosport Ginetta G40 GT5 League Round 3

    Its round 3 of the Crest Autosport Ginetta G40 GT5 league season at an overcast Oulton Park. Oulton Park is a course I've visited so many times as it is my ...
  2. T

    Full Rig-Planning Help (Motion Hardware Focus)

    Main Purpose: Drifting in Assetto Corsa (not ACC). Intend to play Dirt Rally 2 and circuit racing in the future. Current Hardware: T300, Fanatec Handbrake, Shifter & CSL Elite LC pedals all on a Playseat Challenge. Oculus Rift S Planned Hardware: Solid Rig with motion functionality. DD wheel...
  3. Billy Pilgrim

    €2.5k budget for a motion rig - what should I do

    Hi I saw the DOF Reality Consumer H3 (3 Axis) moton rig which sells for under €2k. I hadn't thought such a thing was possible so hadn't really loooked into motion rigs. I quickly checked out reviews for it, and they seem positive - what I've found so far, at least. So I'm now very much hoping...
  4. F

    Motion compensation for VR.

    Hello Good Day, Currently I'm racing a lot on Assetto Corsa using a Lenovo Explorer VR glasses; I really like Assetto and also the glasses are comfortable and have an easy 'inside out' tracking system (camera's placed on vr glasses); The tracking of the VR set can do both translating and...
  5. dazzyb2k3

    ( SOLD ) UK SimXperience GS-4 Motion Feedback G Seat ( SOLD )

    THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD I'm having a clear out of some gear i've acquired from my time in the industry. One of the more interesting items is this SimXperience GS-4 Motion Feedback Seat. This is a really cool high end piece of kit that gives 6DOF feedback using servo plates to simulate G Forces...