1. Decinoge

    [pack] [group 3] [F5000 League] 1.0

    F5000 League in Wipeout 2097/XL/64 inspired liveries for the group 3's cars. The archive contains 1 folder per car, named after the same. Each car's folder contains 3 folders for different texture file sizes: 1024, 2048, 4096 (for the really close photos). There is 3 livery variations per...
  2. Decinoge

    the pebble v1 F5000 Mirage 1.0

    the pebble v1 Wipeout Pulse Mirage inspired livery. Wipeout Pulse's league is actually FX400, but F5000 league's Wipeout 2097 doesn't have enough teams to cover art of rally's group 3 cars, so I had to get liveries on other Wipeout titles. The archive contains 3 file sizes: 1024, 2048, 4096...
  3. Colapso

    Mitsubishi Mirage R5 Playnesti 2019 edition 1.1

    Mitsubishi Mirage R5 livery Playnesti 2019 edition This is a livery created to the Lan Party Playnesti 2019 that will be in Azores: http://playnesti.uac.pt/ Installation: 1. Backup your files always. 2. extract the zip file into ...\Dirt Rally 2 0\cars\
  4. mesa

    Mitsubishi R5 05 WRC Tribute Livery 2019-04-01

    I think if Mitsubishi use this livery with similar headlights what used for their WRC car in 2005 could be a blast! Features: WRC 05 car paint, modded Headlights, Pirelli Tyres It will replace the 1st livery in the game. How to install...
  5. T

    Templates R5 Class for DR2.0 2019-03-03

    The files include both external body and windows template. Cars Included: Fiesta R5 208 R5 Mirage R5 C3 R5 Fabia R5 Polo R5