mclaren mp4-15

  1. V

    RSS Formula 2000 MP4-15 Sound Mod 1.0

    This is a sound mod my taking over RSS's Formula 2000 sound. You need to get the original mod at Race Sim Studio's website, Skin here : This reminds you the 2000's F1, Ferrari vs McLaren...
  2. FormulaET

    McLaren MP4-15/16 Exhaust sound patch..hint, hint VRC & RSS

    For those of us who crave V-10 scream, the exhaust design of the 2000-2001 McLaren Mercedes MP4-15/16 was aimed at the ground beneath the car... gave it a banshee scream unique sound. If you dig the RSS2000F1 car mod, and VRC's multiple V-10 mod.... this would be a sound patch that would be a...