1. CzarNy04

    MCL35M on Mclaren chassis VELO with Halo sponsors + ERP

    I made MCL35M livery on Mclaren chassis. Copy paste included ! Special thanks to @finlaywade for letting me use his idea of placing sidepod logos. Engine sound is swapped to Mercedes PU like in real life. I know nose is not 100% accurate but I've done my best. Feel free to leave a review :)
  2. destinationriver

    McLaren MCL35 Carbon | RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 CARBON

    Hey guys! This is basically just a full carbon version of my MCL35 skinpack! This livery has the "A better tomorrow" sponsorship on it. While the car was launched without it, there have also been pictures posted by McLaren with that branding on it. If you have any problems with the skin, feel...
  3. destinationriver

    McLaren MCL35 | RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 R00

    Hey guys! I've been working on this livery the last few days and I'm happy to present it to you now! Included in this first version are three liveries: Lando's, Carlos's and a basic livery. I'm planning to update the livery each race, so stay tuned! This livery has the "A better tomorrow"...
  4. TheSevi

    McLaren MCL35 Mod 1.0

    Hello and welcome to my mod of McLaren MCL35 for F1 2019. You can install it of 2 ways: - Copy and paste: You must only copy the folders and paste in your F1 2019 Directory (for example C:\Directory\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2019) If you don´t know where is F1 2019 Directory you can do...