1. Nitro McClean

    rF GPK Albert Park 2022 1.0

    Grand Prix Karting Albert Park 2022 After not driving on it in F1 for two years, Albert Park was back on the F1 calendar in 2022 in a new layout. This is the rFactor Grand Prix Karting version of this new layout. The first GPK track I have build for rFactor, the mother of all GPK tracks, was...
  2. Nitro McClean

    rF GPK Baku 2.0

    Grand Prix Karting Baku Grand Prix Karting version of Baku street circuit The Track Street circuits have their own peculiarities in Formula One. Monaco is one of the most popular Grand Prix on the calendar. Other major cities seem to be benefiting as well. In this way Baku tries to be the...
  3. Proton29

    Super Max Circuit 1.01

    Based on an interview with Max Verstappen and an article posted in a Dutch magazine, I used this information to create Max Verstappen's Dream Circuit. Image of article below. I created my own layout, one which I think makes more sense than the article, where all the sections and corners are in...
  4. S

    Max Verstappen/Red Bull skin for Ferrari 312T 1.0

    This is the first skin I upload to RD, I hope you like it
  5. Dimitar Vitanov

    Max Verstappen 2019 helmet 1.0

    ALEXA, PLAY "GUESS WHO'S BACK" *back again* -NOTE - the number 33 isn't on the helmet, because irl it's on the fin of the helmet, which isn't in the game!!!!!! You are allowed to include the helmet in any livery/season mod, but don't forget to credit :) Max Verstappen 2019 helmet reviews and...
  6. pablotill

    Orange is the new black Bull (Fantasy OrangeBull - RED BULL) 2018-10-30 V1

    This mod doesn't work online The "orangebull" of max verstappen. Orange and black. Only the number 33 is painted by orange. I wish you like it :D If you like please rate it.
  7. PandaPandect

    Austria Max Verstappen Special helmet 1.0

    Specuial Helmet Max Verstappen Austria
  8. PandaPandect

    Max Verstappen helmet Spa 2018 3.1

    This is my first edit and it is pretty okay I think but I will make it better and later the screenshots will come but the helmet is not perfect
  9. M

    Max Verstappen Helmet 2017 SPA 1.4

    This is the new helmet from Max, the 2017 version for his home race in spa francorchamps, I've included some psd files so you can edit the hemet if you don't like it. Cheers