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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | Verstappen Extends Red Bull Racing Contract

    Red Bull Racing have confirmed Max Verstappen has extended his contract with the team until the end of 2023 - locking down one of the most sought after drivers in the current field. Max Verstappen has always looked destined to become one of the top drivers in Formula One, right from making his...
  2. Peter Roche Racing

    Max Verstappen Face Mod 1.00

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: New face for Max Verstappen. I changed his skin color to lighter one and made him a bit more pale like in real life. Here is the default...
  3. wesbe

    Max Verstappen career helmet pack 2019-10-21

    This is my Max Verstappen helmet pack for your career mode. This mod includes 9 helmets. One for each team. Hope you like it :D Enjoy playing with it.
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Verstappen "Fastest Driver That Has Ever Driven an F1 Car" - Button

    2009 Formula One World Champion Jenson Button has stated he considers Max Verstappen to be the fastest ever Grand Prix driver. At just 22 years of age, Max Verstappen has already proven himself to be a formidable talent in Formula One racing, securing an impressive seven Grand Prix victories...
  5. Matix

    Formula RSS 3 - Aston Martin Red Bull Racing 007 1.0

    Hi, wasn't very happy with the first release so.. - new halo map - new skin map - new red lines - added couple of missing logos - changed livery colors - changed logo positions - changed logo colors - changed black gloves Have fun!
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Verstappen vs Leclerc - Overtake Fair or Foul?

    Max Verstappen is under investigation for his late pass on Charles Leclerc in Austria - do you think the move was fair by the Dutch Red Bull racer? Displaying all the skills we know the young Dutchman to be capable of in his short time at the top level of motorsport, Max Verstappen recovered in...
  7. josap11

    2019 Demo livery for Red Bull RB9 1.0

    The Red Bull team provides many public demonstrations around the world. For these demonstrations it uses an old car with the current livery. This skin was made for the Ferrari Opponents Red Bull RB9 with the 2019 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Honda livery. The pack includes a skin for Max...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Horner: Ricciardo "Running" From Verstappen Fight

    Christian Horner has taken a dig at former driver Daniel Ricciardo, claiming the Aussie is "running away from a fight" with former teammate Max Verstappen. Ricciardo decided to end his long association with the Red Bull brand at the end of the 2018 season, jumping ship from the outfit to start...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    Red Bull 2019 F1 Livery Revealed

    The Red Bull team have revealed their new 2019 Formula One livery prior to the start of pre-season testing. Joining rivals Alfa Romeo in revealing a new car livery in Spain, the Red Bull team have taken the wraps off of their 2019 Formula One car following its initial debut in a special one-off...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 2019 Car Launch: Red Bull RB15

    The next new 2019 Formula One car is here, albeit in a special livery - the 2019 Red Bull Honda RB15! The first car from Red Bull off the production line that will be powered by Honda in Formula One, the new Red Bull RB15 broke cover earlier today at Silverstone, sporting a nifty special livery...
  11. Dimitar Vitanov

    Max Verstappen 2019 helmet 1.0

    ALEXA, PLAY "GUESS WHO'S BACK" *back again* -NOTE - the number 33 isn't on the helmet, because irl it's on the fin of the helmet, which isn't in the game!!!!!! You are allowed to include the helmet in any livery/season mod, but don't forget to credit :) Max Verstappen 2019 helmet reviews and...
  12. Rikkies

    RedBull Racing Aston Martin Lola B09-60 2.0

    Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Lola B09-60 Model: "2009 Aston Martin LOLA B09-60 LMP1 for AC v1.14 updated by X. Manning" The Lola-Aston Martin B09/60, also known as the Aston Martin DBR1-2, is a Le Mans Prototype sports car built by Lola Cars International and co-developed with Prodrive for...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    Was Ocon to Blame for Verstappen Accident?

    Esteban Ocon made contact with race leader Max Verstappen in Brazil, spinning the Dutchman while attempting to unlap himself - who do you think was to blame? It isn't often you see a lapped driver attempting to pass the race leader, and that is exactly what Racing Point Force India driver...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    Sainz to Red Bull Veto "Bullsh!t" - Marko

    Helmut Marko, never a man backwards in coming forward, has branded the rumoured veto from Max Verstappen for Carlos Sainz joining Red Bull as "bullshit". Verstappen and Sainz have something of a fractured relationship following an often turbulent partnership at Red Bull junior outfit Toro...
  15. Viruz_Pro

    KTM X-Bow - Red Bull 1.0

    This Livery was inspired by Spielberg's Red Bull KTM X-Bow design This Skin Pack includes: 4K Version of the Skin 3 Variations: Daniel Ricciardo #3; Max Verstappen #33, Blank Livery Pit Crew in Red Bull Theme 7 Additional License Plates and 5 additional Sidepod Number Plates
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    Verstappen Ready to "Headbutt" Critics...

    Red Bull superstar Max Verstappen feels ready to "headbutt" his critics following a somewhat troubled start to his 2018 Formula One season. With a year that initially promised so much already descending into an uncomfortable spiral of mistakes and accidents, Max Verstappen is finding himself...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Can Verstappen Still Score Big in Monaco From Back of the Grid?

    Thanks to his FP3 accident this morning, Max Verstappen will start the Monaco Grand Prix from last on the grid - but can the Flying Dutchman still score good points on Sunday? We know Verstappen has the talent, we know Red Bull are probably the fastest car this weekend at Monaco and we know the...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    Mad Max or Rash Ricciardo? Have Your Say!

    Baku was full of action, accidents and excitement but perhaps the key talking point was "that" Red Bull crash on lap 39. Who do you think was to blame? Now let's be honest here, the Red Bull cars were asking for a coming together practically from the green light, so I suppose the eventual...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    Verstappen: Daring or Dangerous?

    Max Verstappen crashes once again, this time into the World Championship leader, causing one to wonder if the flying Dutchman is more dangerous than exciting. Everyone likes to see fighting spirit out on the circuit, however with over 60 Grand Prix and in his fourth season of Formula One, is it...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    "Dickhead" Verstappen Move - Who's to Blame?

    Hamilton controversially called Max Verstappen a "dickhead" in the drivers room following the podium ceremony, but who was to blame for the early accident between the two? Hamilton and Verstappen would come together during the Grand Prix this evening, costing the Dutchman a puncture and further...
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