maures gtr 97

  1. O

    Wiper fix for URD Maures GTR 97 0.1

    The problem: The root cause: Every skin folder has its own ext_config.ini file containing an unreasonably high value (1.13) for the WIND_OFFSET property with values usually ranging between 0.01 and 0.05. This setting controls how much the wiper gets pushed to the side depending on the car...
  2. Noobiix007

    URD Maures GTR - Mercedes Benz CLK GTR FIA GT 1998 #1 1.0

    Did my best to reproduce the #1 CLK GTR from the 1998 FIA GT Championship, driven by Mark Webber and Bernd Schneider. Credits goes to Ricardo Gomes for the Bridgestone tires and DrLimerep for the Mercedes Benz badge.
  3. DrLimerep

    URD Maures GTR 97 - Mercedes badge 1.0

    Can't have a Merc without the correct hood ornament. So here you go! Feel free to add it to your skins. Note: Some users are experiencing transparency issues in cockpit view while using the Custom Shaders Patch. This seems to affect the original texture as well as my version. There are...