1. Lucas Mulati

    Problem with textures and .veh files.

    I am having some strange problem which I simply couldn't solved. Right now I'm making a mod, and all the parts of the cars are ready. I want to use this parts on multiples vehicles, with different textures. The problem is: I have already done the .veh file with the DefaultLivery, Extra0, Extra2...
  2. D

    General What are the multimap material types?

    Trying to figure out what they are/how they compare to the work flow I'm used to. I have multiple guesses, but I'm unsure of Multiply, Add, Maps, Detail, and Detail Normal. I'm used to blender's material nodes, which I attached below. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. P

    No collision in certain places on my tracks

    The title says it. I'm trying to convert GTR2 tracks to rFactor and I can say that it's going well, but for some reason some places don't have collision so you fall through them OR you can just float on them like if there's no gravity at all :/. For example, in some places GTR2 tracks use more...
  4. A

    Water animation and wet materials config for "Bernese Alps" 2019-10-23

    The lakes in v1.5 left me wanting more as I have seen better results with the use of stFlow. So I went ksEditor and played some with the settings of the original textures. Install: the animation of the lakes needs the stFlow shader so if you haven`t already installed it I suggest you do...