1. Whalenap

    Team Repsol Japan GTR '18 - Triple pack 1.2

    Here is a new version of my Repsol design, shared a few weeks ago. The black body paint has been matted and the repsol vinyles has its colors slightly turned into a more "neon" shade. Various sponsors has been enhanced, and most of the finishes has been perfected. This time you have three...
  2. Whalenap

    Team Repsol Japan GTR '19 1.0

    This skin is inspired by the liveries of Honda Repsol moto GP team. I hope you will enjoy this one, it has been pretty difficult to finally get an acceptable result. The GTR has lots of little parts that are not so easy to locate, and I wanted it to be as balanced as possible. Dealing with...
  3. 86ayayay

    Marquez Brothers 2020 1.0

    What's inside : Alex Marquez 2020 helmet Marc & Alex new gloves and boots Using Alpinestars new boot model New suit textures (based on custom rider suit) Marc & Alex new glass windshield Marc's helmet is not included since it has been beautifully made by Calicojack Installation : Copy .pak...
  4. Mike Alvarez

    Alex Marquez Repsol Honda 2020 Livery 1.0

    This is a livery of the Rider Alex Marquez who has just moved into MotoGP from Moto2 in this year 2020. The basic skin was taken from a 2020 mod made by AlicaNafezaa (at, but there the skin of Alex Marquez was awful and unrealistic, so I mixed the skins of Marc...
  5. kawa4saki

    Red Bull Honda 2020-05-02

    This skin replaces the Repsol Honda livery for both Marquez brothers and for the player (Dainese + Alpinestar suits included. ) Haven't tested it in online races, so i do not know if it will work in online races. Have a lot of fun with it, Kind regards kawa4saki ( kawa92saki )
  6. ConectiON

    Marc Marquez MotoGP'18 helmet 1.0

    Well, this is my idea. What about F1>MotoGP series ? I will try to do helmets of all MotoGP riders, if you all be interested in this. If not, this is last MotoGP helmet. So today I maid helmet of MotoGP Champion Marc Marquéz, so hope you will like it. It's not 100% like real, but I'll try...