1. DeLaFuente99

    Stowe Circuit - New map, outline and UI 1.1

    Hi, first of all im new on this things so maybe my work its not the best, but its honest work I raced a lot on this track on AC but the presentation on content manager was not the best, so i decided to update it. This addon contains the track map (becouse on the original track the map is from...
  2. El Ultimo Elemento

    Gymkhana Playground V 1.0

    update soon bug fixed /meshes/texture/ any suggection opinion comment it well acepted this track will have few more upodates in the future, this track its not locaded in any real wolrd area its made just to have a blast doing tandem wt your friends Gymkhana / Togue / Drift Track i benn working...
  3. AKF_FPV

    MAP TEMPLATE (for newbie map creators) v2

    Since I started with map editing I struggled with getting them to work in ac so i did this. Here is a template map I made for new map creators including 32 pits + 32 start positions and a hot lap position. in the folder: -blender file -exported fbx -few roads to work with in fbx format (all...
  4. M

    How to make the track map

    I need help, I have a few circuits made for AC but I don't know how to make the map of the track, and neither does the Grass Fx, Can somebody help me? Thanks
  5. Assetto Corsa Mod: Singer 911 meets thunderstorm in the irish countryside!

    Assetto Corsa Mod: Singer 911 meets thunderstorm in the irish countryside!

    #AssettoCorsa #TheExtraMile #SingerYou can download the car here: can download the trac...
  6. NightEye87

    Linear map (rally style) 1.3

    This is a linear track map. Inspired by rally games, etc. This app has mostly been a "playground" for Python for me. I learned a lot by making this and I had a lot of support from some very patient people to make certain things work :inlove: It shows squares for stationary cars, triangles...
  7. S

    Remove opponent markers from mini map

    When playing road maps with AI traffic (especially 2-way traffic), not knowing if there's a car behind the next blind corner is a part of the fun. But those opponent markers on the mini map take it away. Is there anyway I can turn them off or change the texture to be fully transparent? The...
  8. R

    Can i sell my own AC mods?

    Hello ! It is possible to sell mods for AC ? I would like to build a website and create my own cars and maps for this game, and sell them. It's legal? I presume i am not allowed to use real car names?! I love driving simulators. I am not thinking of stealing or converting cars/tracks from other...
  9. Mogyi

    Alivieska Map 2.0

    UPDATE: I made a version to replace the game texture of the map too. Read instructions below! Printable map: A simple aesthetic map image of the Alivieskan area, complete with accurate measuring grid and location list. A nice replacement of the sketchy in-game map. Made in landscape...
  10. Mascot

    New track limits, pitlanes, ideal lines, outlines & maps for Bahrain 2020 15.02.2020

    New track limits, pitlanes, ideal lines, outlines & maps by LiquidSkyMan for Bahrain 2020. The unzipped folder also contains a text file with a link to the track, in case you don't already have it. Other stuff here...
  11. RFocnnn

    SimHub Overlay GuruGuru Map 2020-02-09

    ACC純正よりも全体を見やすくしたマップです。 It is a map that makes it easier to see the whole than ACC genuine. SimHubが必要になります。 SimHub is required 初めての車種とコースの組み合わせの場合は、マップが表示されるまで1~2周タイムを記録する必要があるようです。 In the case of the first car type and course combination, it seems necessary to...
  12. Kinj14

    Alivieska GPS [Updated 2019] 2.0

    This mod is an update of the Alivieska GPS mod[discontinued] 1.0.3 by Wampa842( And small additions and deletions. (New map Texture From MSCEditor( Information: It's not an in-game...
  13. cbethax

    Fast Travel 1.0.1

    Fast Travel to known locations on foot. Calculates the stats gained, based on the distance between you and the target you want, if you were to walk to it (by following dirt or paved roads). There are 12 available locations in total. You have to visit them to unlock them. The timeout for jobs...
  14. O

    F1 2019 Simhub and map

    I can't see any map on the dashboards where it is present. can you help me?
  15. g55jai6

    map nordschleife 2019-03-29

    Added information about the card nordschleife
  16. B

    Cars what kind of map is the white on bright green?

    after you unpack the kn5 file of a car, you get a /textures folder with some images inside. one is a map, a general one for most of the paintable car, white on bright green, called usually (it looks kind of a painted skin) 1. what kind of map is this? is it an AO (ambient...
  17. ShoGuN_POL

    Description Map 2018-10-01

    Map with description. There are 3 ways to use it. How to install description are in the file. 1. Normal not in game file. Minimalise game and look if u need it. 2. In home map. 3. Map in Magazine to buy in Teimo Shop. This is my first mod. I hope u will enjoy. Can someone do a plugin that...
  18. nandorock80

    Zhuhai AI + Map 0.7

    Still has to improve the side lines, but it is working. I thank Esotic for the AI Line Helper.
  19. nandorock80

    Phakisa AI + Map 0.5

    Phakisa AI + map. No pitlane yet. Use up to 9 opponents.
  20. Wampa842

    Alivieska GPS [discontinued] 1.0.3

    This mod won't receive any more updates. An alternative will be released at some point as an in-game item. This mod is made up of two parts. AlivieskaGpsServer.dll is a mod that runs a simple web server, displaying the Satsuma's position, heading and speed as an XML or JSON file. Alivieska GPS...