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manual transimission

  1. Poopenshnapples

    NASCAR Xfinity Series 1.21

    1:36 - Xfinity Series in Video NASCAR Xfinity Series Cars! 48 cars in total Based on the 2015 season Default setup (AI setup) is for Road Courses Xfinity Cars: Rev limit: +-9,500rpm HP: +650hp Engine: Naturally aspirated 5.8L V8 (358c.i) Transmission: 4 Speed Manual w/reverse Rear Wheel Drive...
  2. J

    Controller mod to assign a separate button for each manual gear?

    Hey guys! Just learned about and installed RBR, and I'm VERY excited...haha which is funny because I'm just at the first tutorial so far. Please forgive me if what I'm looking for already exists, I've searched a lot and came up empty. Please simply point me there and WOOHOO! :D When driving a...