1. Omer Said

    HoF and Discussion (Propose Game Ideas Here)

    Credit to Thomas-the Honk-Hackel for helping with the Mods vs. Members thread Hall of Fame Statistics Forum Racing Database Forum Racing Livery Making *External Link* GP4 Mods database Race Department Triple Crown games Forum Racing Season 1 Kris Leeten Season 2 Garry Pullen Team Extreme (...
  2. StephoSlash

    Assetto Corsa Manager RPG - Project

    Hey guys! Been testing a little project on AC with the AI cars, and came up with this idea. This is only a first draft, but will be happy if some of you wanted to help me out testing (Only if you are interrested ofc) or just throw some feedback. Draft in file
  3. Alex Freeman


    After trying a lot online managers I found this the best. One problem - it`s very unknown for public. I hope this info help it. "Motor-Racing-Manager is a management online game on car racing. If you are passionate about Formula 1, Indycar or any other formula, if you are dominated by a...
  4. F

    Motogp17 Manager view mod?

    is there any mod for motogp17 just been a manager not a rider..? something like motorsport looking something like this, just a manage not a rider...
  5. Rylus14

    Content Manager Showroom problem: no menu

    Hi everybody. I was trying to take some pictures in the custom showroom of the CM but suddenly I realized that the menu has gone. I can only watch the car, no menus are on the screen, just the car and the showroom (360º, free move.. fine) If someone knows how to bring back the menu, it would be...
  6. Domen Gantar

    AC Grid Manager 1.1

    Easy to use tool for creating entry_list.ini file based on race results. Installation and use guide 1. Extract zip content to any preferable location. 2. Run ACGridManager.exe, make sure you have instaled .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher...
  7. spark23

    General [WIP] Racing manager web, colaborators required.

    Hi, I'm looking for contributors to develop a PHP+MYSQL website to create racing leagues. Features: Https:// Demo: My knowledge in programming are limited (That's why I am just the Project...
  8. D

    Motorsport Manager Stats Editor 1.0

    A simple editor to edit various data from MotorsportManager. I had quite a lot of free time so i decided to put most of the txt file, of course some value i dont know what they are but for others ive put an info button where i know what im talking about. I will try to add some missing files...
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