m8 gte

  1. krissboo

    #13 + #27 Deutsche Post M8 GTE / URD Bayro EGT 2018 Liveries 1.1

    PLEASE DO NOT EDIT MY LIVERIES WITHOUT PERMISSION So I got a request to make a Deutsche Post livery for the URD M8 GTE (Bayro EGT 2018) mod and as no one had made one for this car in AC I decided to take up the challenge. Whilst looking for reference images I found a livery made by Speedyx56...
  2. gibsonhase

    BMW M8 GTE [DENIM (Fictional Retro) | WEC 2018/19] 1.0

    A "What would happen if BMW follows Porsche's idea and introduces retro liveries"-livery... A livery for the URD Bayro EGT 2018 (aka BMW M8 GTE), inspired by the BMW M1 Procar driven by Hans Heyer in 1980. I did not make a 100% replica of the old design. Instead I used the current logos and...
  3. Henky SA

    URD Bayro EGT 2018 - Girls Frontline HK416 Itasha Livery 1.0

    finally, 100 downloads achieved! the 100th resources i uploaded here goes to... HK416 Itasha for the fresh URD Bayro EGT mod. credits : NIXOO (Official Art) & Girls' Frontline just put it straightforward to URD Bayro EGT skins folder. if there's any issue let me know. thanks. PLEASE HELP...