1. lafansujie

    Bmw Studie Team 2016 Bmw M6 Gt3 1.0

    Bmw Studie Team Bmw M6 GT3 from the 2016 season of Super GT. Driven by Jörg Müller and Seiji Ara. If you like my work consider leave a 5 star rating or just a like.
  2. Dzjodzjo1

    Monholo Oumar M6 2022-06-08

    My take on the Monholo Oumar M8
  3. E

    CSP wiper animation for Guerilla Mods BMW M6 GT3 ACC (v1.4) 0.1

    This config adds CSP wiper animation to the Guerilla Mods BMW M6 GT3 ACC v1.4. The car can be downloaded for free from the Guerilla Mods forum. Notes: This requires Custom Shaders Patch 0.1.76 or newer for the animations to work. The wiper will only be visible in game, not in the showroom...
  4. MEDIIZA Designs

    2021 BMW Junior Team 24h Nürburgring V.1

    "hEllO ThERe" This time i did a skin for a good friend and for everyone that loves the M6 Junior Team skin! Its not 100% accurate but as always... i tried my best :) As the skin is matt it could look weird for people ingame cause AC does not like matt liverys :I - OPTIONAL - I also added...
  5. enkay74

    2021 Super GT GT300 BMW Pack 1.0

    This is pack 2 of 14 to form up the 2021 Super GT 2021 GT300 grid... This is the BMW pack (only 1 car so a small pack!) containing the BMW M6 GT3 from Team Studie x CSL The skin is for the RSS Bayro 6 V8 which you can get here: https://racesimstudio.com/gtm-bayro-6 I also used the...
  6. Baron3105

    BMW M6 Rowe Racing TOTAL N24h 2021 #1, #98 1

    Hey, today i have for you both Rowe Racing cars from 2021 24h of Nordschleife My biggest thanks to: @Oscurr for general help with config and files @formulaHEINE for numberplate if you found any mistakes let me know in support session Skins done in 4K #1 John Edwards, Philipp Eng, Nick...
  7. GTR3Legend

    2021 #7 BMW Team Italia Italian GT Championship 1.0

    As run in this years Italian GT Championship. Not 100% accurate but close enough
  8. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    Boutsen Ginion 2021 Art Car 2021-04-11

    fast work of Boutsen Ginion art car this year. I believe this is almost perfect (nah 80% lah) from the render, I think it will be some update but not that much since I bet this one will be appear on ACC as official livery by their official designer. Main problem usually on font and side text...
  9. Whalenap

    Piratella Martini BMW M6 GT3 1.4

    A refreshed livery full of history. The thing was to make this vintage style look as modern as possible, without losing the spirit and soul of it. Three years ago, Martini Racing celebrated its 50th birthday. This livery displays the particular logo they published in '18 As most of the...
  10. deCarera

    DHL BMW M6 GT3 1.0

    My sophomore effort. A fictional DHL M6 GT3 livery for those who want to be sure the competition sees them coming. A special thanks to @chrisi2174 for his help with the number plates. To install copy the extracted data to /Automobilista 2/Vehicles/Textures/CustomLiveries/Overides/bmw_m6_gt3...
  11. arkloh

    BMW M6 BELGA 1.0

  12. arkloh

    White Lightning RSeat BMW 1.0

  13. arkloh

    BMW junior team 1.0

  14. Günthar Rowe

    True2Life-Racing - BMW M6 GT3 - 90's DTM Linder (Jägermeister) 1.0

    1992 DTM BMW Linder (Jägermeister) #19 #20
  15. Sviter_

    BMW M6 - Polizei 1.0

    BMW M6 GT3 - Polizei Preview:
  16. Dennis20191

    Turner Motorsport BMW M6 GT3 2.0

    I hope you like it :)
  17. arkloh

    Jacos Paddock Motorsport 1.0

  18. S

    #42 BMW M6 GT3 Team Schnitzer (2 liveries) 2

    #42 Team Schnitzer livery for BMW M6 GT3
  19. Besser als der Z4? | BMW M6 GT3 | Die besten GT3 Mods

    Besser als der Z4? | BMW M6 GT3 | Die besten GT3 Mods

    Wer in Assetto Corsa als BMW Fan GT3 fahren möchte muss wohl oder übel mit dem BMW Z4 vorlieb nehmen. In unserer heutigen Mod Vorstellung zeige ich euch eine Alternative, die es in sich hat! Den BMW M6 GT3!
  20. speedracer1893

    RSS GTM Bayro V8 Team Schnitzer 2017 1.1

    No 42 BMW Team Schnitzer N24h 2017 Pay Car Mod: https://racesimstudio.com/