1. shadow118

    DCGP21 E92 Eurofighter Lukoil 1.0

    Lukoil livery for BMW E92 Eurofighter from DCGP 2021 car pack. I had made this livery for DCGP 2020 pack, but in the 2021 pack skin layouts are completely different, so the old livery wouldn't work on the 2021 pack
  2. shadow118

    E92 Eurofighter Lukoil 1.0

    RDS Lukoil livery for the DCGP BMW E92 Eurofighter
  3. Moectopus

    F&F Lukoil Lada Racing (Fictional) 1.0

    Ahoy ya scallywags! Today I've got another loot fer ye! I heard that ye humans do celebrate today again wit' givin' presents t' yer loved onces 'n so I thought I could kinda react on that too wit' a neek wee mod: 'ave ye also asked yourself wha' would 'ave happened if th' main sponsor o' F1...