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  1. S

    Ferrari fiction livery (Exos 125) 1.2

    My first attempt for skinmodding in AC. Some ideas for this look comes from Tim Holmes's pre2017 season idea of Ferrari new look.
  2. Max Muster

    Lotus 49C - Vodafone McLaren 1.0

    Here is my modern Vodafone McLaren skin for classic Lotus 49C. I hope you like it. ;) [Please Rate it]
  3. Laurence Dusoswa

    Lega Corsa - Lotus Exos 125 Stage 1 - 12 skin pack 1.1

    Based on the Kunos skin which comes with the game. Feel free to use and edit provided you credit Kunos who did the hard work on the design. enjoy
  4. Rookie68

    Lotus 49C - Gulf-Skin 1.0

    Make a backup of the original file. Copy DDS-Files in "Drive:\Steam\steamapps\common\pCars\Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries". I Hope you like this skin, please rate it.
  5. Markus99

    Lotus F1 Team 1.1

    Hey everyone, in F1 2015 many modders have created a upcoming Renault skin for the Lotus car, now I've turned the table and created a Lotus skin based on the Renault. : D This Lotus skin is based on the Lotus E23 Hybrid, but you will see that there are missing red parts, that is because it...
  6. MadMat

    Lotus Lightweight Cup Template v1.0

    Lotus Lightweight Cup Template for Lotus 2 Eleven Made with Potoshop (CS6) for Photoshop. Include car paint, livery.png, crew, pit, driver suit/helmet/gloves If you use it and publish the skin, please credit me (MadMat) for the template. If you make great skins using other numbers I may add...
  7. MadMat

    Lotus Lightweight Cup skin pack v1.5

    Lotus Lightweight Cup skin pack v1.5: 20 skins (2K & 4K) for the Lotus 2 Eleven including custom driver suit, gloves, helmet and pit crew for each car. I was bored of the 4 poor skins of this car so I make this fictional pack wich use a common base (template available) with a custom sponsor...
  8. Ben O'Bro

    Cars [WIP] Caterham

    Hey there. Yet another Caterham ?! There's a little bit of a story behind it, not that long don't worry. I owned a >Caterham< for several years, sold it last year. I will be one year caterham sober soon in other words, and i guess I had to do something about it. Since i can't afford one at the...
  9. HClausing

    [Exos 125] Eficaz Team Racing #07 & #10 1.1

    Hi all, This is my first attempt to create a skin for Assetto Corsa. This pack contains a full team livery files (Car, Driver Helmet, Driver Suit, PitCrew Suit, PitCrew Helmet, Laucher Preview and Badge). I haven't used map and detail_metal this time. I will made some tests their effects...