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  1. MajkiMajk

    Lotus 72D Lucky Strike Racing [Livery Request] 1.0

    Hi, livery request for balderz002. If you like my work, please donate me.
  2. MajkiMajk

    Lotus Type 25 Climax "Rush" [Livery Request] 1.0

    Hi, livery request for Erwan44320. If you like my work, please donate me.
  3. NeoGT3

    Purple Lotus Exige S Roadster 2018-01-15

    Extract the file to your skins folder.
  4. AccAkut

    Cars KRB Tiga Lotus Esprit Silhouette

    I think it is better to start a standalone thread on this one now instead of getting lost in the What are working on thread :) (height compared to KRB Audi) (old bake with wrong UV map on floor obv) Like with the Audi this car again is not exactly what it appears like from the outside...
  5. Flipdo3

    Lotus 72D - Ferrari 312B/B2 1.0

    This skin is of the Ferrari F1 car used in the 1971 season, driven by Jacky Ickx and Clay Regazzoni (and Andretti but not for every round), and I created it because the 72D is criminally underskinned/lacks quality skins and I want to drive my 71s! A few liberties had to be taken due to the...
  6. BenLaeft

    Gentlemensimracers.fr Lotus 3 Eleven skins 1.0

    Hello, Here are some skins for Lotus 3 Eleven. Made for Lotus 3 Eleven Virtuadrivers 2017 Challenge. Team : Gentlemensimracers.fr Pilots : Antoni Rodriguez & Axel Petit Hope you'll appreciate :)
  7. N

    Lotus F1 Team 1.0

    BACKUP YOUR FILES Lotus rejoins F1 for the 2017 season, with Renault dropping out. Note: In the first two photos the logo on the engine cover is Infiniti, but this has since been changed to Renault Inspired by Sean Bull Design...
  8. Redish

    Pink Renault 1.0

  9. Unbiased

    Lotus Elise SC Visual 2017-10-17

    Almost five years ago little team with little project step up. There was only one car only on one track. And with it they took hearts of many. But time is moving and standards going higher and higher. Lets give that first car a little bit more details bringing it little closer to standards of...
  10. A

    Lotus 49 Silverstone 1967 V1.1

    I hadn't seen anyone do a realistic skin for the Lotus 49 from 1967. The default options weren't very broad and the only one with a number is the 68 South Africa car. So I've pulled together a new set of skins based on the 1967 British Grand Prix. Clark, Hill and Hill spare car (which was...
  11. Unbiased

    Lotus Exige V6 Cup Visual 1.02

    It is time for some oldies to shine. This is update for great track day tool - Lotus Exige V6 Cup. New tyres, new brakes, new rear lights, completely redone rims and new blur texture, some missed details, all textures compressed to dds. Unpack to main AC folder, run JSGME and apply the mod.
  12. P

    Hornet Motorsport Lotus 72D 1.0

    The latest addition to my fantasy team, Hornet Motorsport; the Lotus 72D.
  13. Albs

    Lotus Exige 240R windscreen bug

    I've noticed the the 240R doesn't have a correct windscreen dirtmask like the Exige Scura (they are the same car) so whenever the sun is in front of the windscreen the effect seems lousy and unnatural. Can anyone tell me where to find the file that controls the windscreen Alpha dirtmask for the...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    Screenshot Sunday... Lotus Edition

    As promised last week, this edition of our Screenshot Sunday celebrates the most iconic of British brands - Lotus. Founded by the late, great Colin Chapman and winners of no less than six Formula One World Drivers Championships, 74 Grand Prix and seven Constructors world championships, plus...
  15. betterstranger

    Lotus Exige V6 Cup Racing Green (real colour) skin 1.0

    As Kunos' Lotus Exige V6 Cup skins aren't too good IMHO I decided to use my limited skills to make 2 skins more similar to the real life ones. This is Racing Green one - includes matt black panels like on real V6 Cup, more aggresive (in comparision to original) green colour which is closer to...
  16. betterstranger

    Lotus Exige V6 Cup Ardent Red (real colour) skin 1.0

    As Kunos' Lotus Exige V6 Cup skins aren't too good IMHO I decided to use my limited skills to make 2 skins more similar to the real life ones. This is Ardent Red one - includes matt black panels like on real V6 Cup, more aggresive (in comparision to original) red colour which is closer to the...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Remembering Ayrton Senna: 23 Years On

    May 1st marks the 23rd anniversary of the accident that claimed the life of Brazilian racing legend Ayrton Senna at Imola. RaceDepartment mark the anniversary of his death by looking back at the legend that was Ayrton Senna da Silva, Brazilian patriot and three time Formula One World Champion...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    Where Are They Now? Heikki Kovalainen

    In the first of a new series of articles RaceDepartment take a look at what a number of Former Grand Prix drivers have been up to since leaving Formula One. This week we check up on Heikki Kovalainen. Kovalainen was long seen as the coming man of junior motorsports when the unflappable Finn...
  19. S

    Dream Sponsorship livery (Exos 125) 2017-04-01

    2nd livery modding attempt. Basically every managers wet dream for sponsors.
  20. S

    Ferrari fiction livery (Exos 125) 1.2

    My first attempt for skinmodding in AC. Some ideas for this look comes from Tim Holmes's pre2017 season idea of Ferrari new look.