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lotus f1

  1. thejqka

    LOTUS Geely Guiness Formula 1 Team - RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 V 1.0

    Hey there folks! Black - Gold - Lotus Is there more to say? The pack includes two cars, gloves, suit, pitcrew and pitboards. Get the car here - https://racesimstudio.com/shop if you don't already have it! I hope you like it, enjoy! Feedback, ideas and other comments are welcome! Cheers...
  2. K

    Alternative Lotus MyTeam Logo 1

    Hi guys! @Maggotao made a request about the Lotus F1 logo. Here it is! Installation: Logos are located in F1 2020>2020_asset_group>ui_package>texture_arrays>customisation>cstm_badge_large>emblem. You have to open emblem_blade.erp file, then replace the texture with mine.
  3. H

    Lotus 3-Eleven black gold red 2.0 ALL-NEW IN 4K

    A skin for Lotus 3-Eleven (Ready 2 Race DLC) based on Lotus F1 team colors from early 2010s, and various Lotus JPS liveries. Skin is 4K. Includes a lots of details like a custom steering wheel, badges changed to black/gold, CSP config for metallic paint and chrome rollcage, custom driver outfit...