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loading screens

  1. S

    Custom Assetto Corsa Loading Screens 2021-05-31

    This addon adds custom loading screen images with bigger trackmaps and additional Info to Assetto Corsa. I have also provided a template file and a tutorial PDF-Document so that you can create your own loading screens. Things needed: - Content Manager - Custom Shaders Patch (probably, idk...)...
  2. Whills

    rFactor Default Track Loading Screen Templates 1.0

    rFactor Track Artwork Templates optimized and updated by Whills. Templates for making default style track artworks for rFactor. IMPORTANT: Please install the font first. Original templates made by mcoak & Taku. Autosim Circuit Layout Generator 1.33 by Alex Zhdankin. Whills Oct. 2020
  3. Marcojrod

    New Loading Screens 2.0

    This is a graphic design mod of the tracks loading screens, for now it includes only the official game tracks, but in a future update i will include the Patricks Giranthon’s trackpack and some others modders tracks. This will overwrite original game files, but don’t worry, I’ve added a Backup...